What is the BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos in 2021

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Many of us want to know what is the best time to upload Youtube videos in 2021 because sometimes we get lots of views in the normal video but sometimes don’t get many views in a good video.

There is a lot of things that affect the view of a youtube video, not only one fact can determine the view of youtube channel growth.

We will discuss all the aspects which are important for us to understand the basic structure of YouTube channel growth and view which includes the Best time to upload YouTube videos.

Well, it’s not about video editing, camera quality, video length, It’s more than that, Maybe a few of us know it for the first time.

5 Things which help to understand BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos

BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos

Click through Rate

CTR which means click-through rate is one of the major thing to understand, this is the most important factor which you must understand.

If your video CTR is more than Average then your channel growth will increase insanely and if your CTR is below average CTR that may be you should upload more video.

How to Calculate CTR, suppose your video got 100 impressions on youtube and 10 people watch it that means your video CTR is 10% which is great, If you try to do invalid clicks on your video it increased CTR but maybe Youtube Bot catch it.

So don’t do this things, Catchy thumbnails will help you to increase your video CTR.

Minimum 3-4 % CTR is also okay, don’t be panic to increase your video CTR, Learn from your old video and improve the things which you think are needed.

Watch Time

After CTR, Watch time is also an important factor for making your video more engaging

so suppose if 10 people watch your 5 min video and 5 people watch it for 2 min and 5 people watch it for 4 min then the total watched time is 30 min out of 50 min that means your watch time or average view duration is 60%.

If it is more than 50% then the chances of becoming a viral video are higher so try to engage people by adding value to your video so they love to watch it.

Best time to Upload video According to YouTube

Earlier time Youtube pushes your video to the audience according to your upload time but in today’s time youtube pushes video which is older than a year or more than that, so upload time in today’s time not that effective but it affects one case which is your audience. BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos is not more important in this case

Audience Behaviour

It all depends on the audience today so you have to understand which kind of audience you have, which you can easily find from analytics, who is watching your video and you have to find out at which time people watch an hour of your videos is high than usual, so find out what is that time and upload according to that. BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos not just enough for audience behaviour.

Right time to upload your video

So, finally, you will know what is the right time to upload a youtube video, On avg. in the day time everyone is busy with their work so if you upload a video at that time, probably chance is they don’t watch if they are in school, college or in office

Maybe they watch but the chance of watching the full video is 10% because at the working time they only watch few minutes of your video so try to upload video in evening time people will watch it.

You can also fix your time and tell your audience in a video about your uploading time of video so next time when you about your video you can tell them in advance from your social media group or in your channel community page so when you upload your video, your target audience come and watch it.

So it will helpful for you to get more engagement for your video and help you to increase your subscription in a short period of time.

All these things also important compare to BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos so foucs in these thing too.

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For Additional information of BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos

Tips For making YouTube video more Engaging

Use Subtitle

Use subtitle’s for your video which will you for getting more audience because maybe they don’t much familiar with your audio, so they take the help of subtitles.

Also, it can help you to get into the search box when someone filters the result, and if select CC then maybe you come in the first number.

Video quality

Try to upload video in HD quality so people love to watch your video, some times you upload video in normal quality, and it’s looking good on mobile but when anyone sees it on a laptop or tv screen it will show blur image or not perfect quality, try to upload in good quality.

Video Length

You can’t ignore the value of video length, if you are a new YouTuber try to upload long videos because youtube push long videos on feed, don’t upload every day because sometimes you ignore quality when you too serious for quantity, so manage both and upload one video a week and try to increase the duration of it.

Attractive thumbnails

Don’t ignore the value of thumbnails because many of us give our 100% on the editing of video and upload the normal type of thumbnails, which takes you a year to increase your subscriber so try to make attractive thumbnails.

You can use Canva for it and make awesome Thumbnail for your video, In canva you can find lots of thumbnail ideas which is related to your niche, so try it and make an attractive thumbnail.

SEO for Video Title

If you have a little bit of knowledge of SEO you can easily improve your Video visibility to many people, Even Google Search also shows your youtube video on its search result.

Google is the number one ranked site so you can get lots of traffic from it, but how can it possible. SO if you are a coach, tutor then use words like HOW TO, TUTORIALS, BEST, etc in starting so the possibility for your channel is to rank on google Too.

You can also use Ahrefts for KEYWORD idea for free by going to the keyword generator section and Uber suggest By Neil Patel. Both are very useful tools

Additional information in hindi for BEST TIME to UPLOAD Youtube Videos

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