Instagram Supersync is New Feature for Stories and Reels will Amaze you

Instagram Supersync
Instagram Supersync

Instagram Supersync is New Feature for Instagram Stories and reels which is really awesome and it can change the way of stories.

Earlier when you upload the stories it will show the image with music but by Instagram supersync you can upload multiple images in a single story.

The best Feature of Instagram supersync is that it can change the image according to the beat of the song which you select for the story and also it can save lots of time for a single story.

If Instagram Supersync not showing in your story then maybe you have to update your phone because Instagram always launches many features for you.

For example, Instagram launches, Instagram story Like features, Add your Sticker for Story, Link facility for the story, and many more are the coolest features of Instagram.

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How To Use Instagram Supersync Feature for story

Go to Story

For Using the Instagram Supersync feature first open your story if you update your Instagram so it can be easier for you.

Select Multiple Photos

After opening the story you have to select multiple photos from your gallery which you want to show in your Instagram story.

Choose Instagram Supersync Option

Once you select all the images you have the option like separate, layout, and Supersync, so you have to select the super sync option.

Choose the Music

After selecting the super sync option you have to choose the music which you want to show to your followers and if you want to search any song you can easily search and use it for supersync.

Preview and post

Preview the story after supersync and if it looks good then post it if you want to see any other beat or music go back and select and once you are done previewing the story, post it and enjoy.

How To Use Instagram Supersync Feature for Reels

You can also use Instagram supersync feature for Instagram reels too and the process for this is similar to the story so instead of selecting the story option you have to select the reels option.

  • Go to Reels and select multiple images.
  • choose supersync option for reels.
  • select the music for supersync reel.
  • Preview the reel and post it.

Supersync Feature Not showing in Instagram

We all know supersync feature is new on Instagram so you have to update your app on the device so you can eligible for this feature if you already updated your app then there is a few possibilities that this feature not showing on your Instagram profile.

Because we have multiple accounts in Instagram but in few of them supersync option is not available, maybe the reason is –

  • Less followers in Instagram profile
  • Not the main account
  • Maybe not fulfilling their criteria
  • Not an active user of Instagram
  • Temporary disable for using few features
  • Doing Robotic activity or doing spam things

But soon or later it will available for everyone just like Instagram’s other features, so don’t think too much just have patience.

So, there must be lots of possibilities for not showing the sync feature in your Instagram, better you can wait a few days or contact Instagram support so they can resolve your issue as much as possible.

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What is Instagram supersync feature?

Supersync feature can help you to sync your images for music so it can automatically change on the beat, it can save your lots of time which you spent on any video editing app.

Is supersync available for reels video?

Yes, instagram supersync feature is available for reels and story both and you can use it easily without any issue.

How many photos I can use for supersync?

you can use a minimum of 3-4 images so your story or reels look good so people will love it.

why supersync not showing on my instagram?

There might be lots of possibilities of not showing supersync feature on your Instagram so better you can take help of Instagram support and send them the screenshot so they can resolve this issue.