How to Add link in Instagram Story | Instagram Add Link Feature

How to Add link in Instagram Story
How to Add link in Instagram Story

If you don’t know how to add link in Instagram story then don’t worry we will help you with it because the Instagram link feature is very important nowadays.

Earlier it was tough for you to add links on Instagram because you need 10K followers to get this feature but now anyone can use this feature.

There is lots of benefit to Instagram’s add link feature, you can promote any URL by just adding it to your Instagram story.

For example, if you want to add your Youtube video link to the story with the good image you can easily do it just by adding a link URL to your story.

You can also use Instagram add link feature for affiliate marketing and lead generation for your product just by following simple steps.

Step for How to Add link in Instagram Story

Today we will tell step by step process so you can know how to add link in Instagram story and get more value from your Instagram story.

1.Go to Instagram Story

First, you have to open the Instagram app, and if it’s not updated first update it, and after that open it.

Go to the Story section of Instagram and add any image which is related to the URL which you want to add or click an image if you want to.

2. Click on Sticker Section

How to Add link in Instagram Story

Click on the Sticker section which is on the upper side of the story feature so you will get more options like the Poll option, GIF, YES/NO feature, and many more.

How to Add link in Instagram Story

You will see the Search box on the upper side in the sticker section, so you have to TYPE Link on that box and it will appear.

Click on that Sticker and you will see a few things on it, link adding link box, and customize link option.

How to Add link in Instagram Story

Paste your link on the Url Box which you want to add to a story, make sure it will valid URL and there is also the option of Customize sticker text so you can Customize your text.

Customize sticker text is the text which appears on the story, for example, if you want to show your Youtube video URL on the story you can customize the text just by adding the text – Click here to watch this video.

How to Add link in Instagram Story

5. Publish the Story

After adding the URL on the Link box you can preview the story and if looks good then you can post it, people will see it and if they click on the URL they will redirect to the destination URL site.

How to Add link in Instagram Story

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There is lots of benefit of the Instagram add link feature which we can’t tell you in a single word. So here we share a few of the important benefits of it.

Get more View for Youtube Video

After adding the link of the youtube video on the Instagram story you will get more views than usual and it will also help you to complete 4000 hours of watch time for monetization if you are new on youtube.

You can also increase your Youtube revenue just by sharing this feature on the story section on Instagram and if you have 2000-3000 followers then it will possible for you to get 300-400 views for your youtube video by sharing one single story.

Get more Leads for Product

If you are an affiliate marketer then it helps you to get more leads for your affiliate product just by sharing the URL of the affiliate product in the Instagram story.

You can easily do affiliate with Amazon products because people love to do shopping nowadays and Amazon is the trusted site.

Helpful for Increase Group Member

Instagram Add Link feature is also helpful for you if you have any group on Facebook, Telegram, or Whatsapp.

People will easily come to your group just by clicking the URL of a group and it will help to increase group members so that you have a community where you can share your thoughts easily.

Many time Instagram open the URL on its own browser so it will be difficult for people to get interact with your stuff easily.

For example, if you add a youtube link to your Instagram story and if anyone clicks on it, it will open in the Instagram browser not in the youtube app so you get difficult to increase your followers to your youtube channel.

So the best way is to use the App opener site for the link which will redirect the URL to a related app and you will get value for your youtube channel.

You simply have to paste the URL on the APP Opener site and it will give you its generated link so you can copy it and add it to the story just by using Instagram add link feature.