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Lord Krishna

We all know that Krishna Ji was born in Dwapara Yuga and he did many Leela, killed many demons, and established religion but we are absolutely wrong to understand that he did not exist before Dwapar Yuga because he was unborn He is born many times and he is born many times and he is seated in his abode in the same original form as he is born, in this universe, he was born in Dwapar, such millions of universe where he is born and established the religion.

They do, but their form remains the same, as they reside in their abode continuously.

Their form is seductive, attractive, and serene, which has captured the beauty of the whole universe, you will feel the filter you care about, but because of our own mind, we cannot do it because our mind will never let us be stable.

It gives us continuous enjoyment and wants to take us towards physical pleasure, but if you feel them even a little bit, by controlling your mind a little bit, then how much they love you, you will know that maybe your tears don’t stop.

Krishna Ji had given Arjuna the knowledge of Bhagavad Gita in Kurukshetra, then Arjun understood that the one whom he considered his friend was none other than Lord Krishna himself because the knowledge that Krishna Ji gave to Brahma Ji came at that time.

Till the time, many people walked through it and it is safe even today when Krishna ji gave it to Arjuna and people still take knowledge of Bhagavad Gita, which is being passed back to back by many gurus when Krishna Ji is giving Arjun At that time, many Gods and Goddesses were also receiving this knowledge, and because of Shukracharya give divine vision to Sanjay, he too acquired this knowledge.

At the time when Krishna Ji was giving this knowledge to Arjun, the time of that time on the battlefield was stopped for there, so other people present about it did not know anything.
No ordinary person can do this work and deities also have their own limits, but Lord Krishna is infinite.

Lord Krishna resides in us constantly, but our mind and ego have captured us in such a way that we are entangled in material things and we cannot get in touch with the God inside us, even when we go to the temple, God We keep on wishing material things while we should only wish for devotion because the devotion does not get easily, which one gets, he remains happy in every situation.

Materiality is important, money is necessary, but it is not right to take everything as it is right to work for money, but spirituality is also necessary so that we do not just remain materialistic enough and further increase the artistry.

shrimad bhagwad geeta

Many people think that when God loves us so much and wants us to get salvation then why does he send us to this world to suffer? Because when we bring the feeling of being independent without being under God, then we come into this world and suffer sorrow under Maya because material happiness cannot give happiness continuously, we sometimes get sad from all this or They get entangled in it.

Only the name Hari can remove us from all this. Therefore, if we get a little time every day, then we should contact that tradition and we should know it.

To understand what is inside us, we should feel it and make a name for it, we should take our heart to the knowledge given by it because its knowledge is also infinite, so we have to directly contact it Must go to the shelter Krishna Ji is due to every reason and all the gods are also originated from him, all the gods worship him and all their wishes are fulfilled by Krishna Ji and those who want those gods and goddesses will fulfill their wishes with those goddesses.

Therefore, we should directly contact Krishna ji and all Gods and Goddesses should understand the same thing as Krishna due to their origin and it is better to understand everything directly.



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