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Friends AT THIS TIME How difficult it is to get a government job these days and SIMILARLY private job is so full of tension

there are very few people who are happy in private jobs. Doing business in IN THIS CASE is also a good way to earn money, but to do business ALSO requires a lot of money and also has to face many kinds of difficulties.

WITHOUT A DOUBT In today’s time, you can do much business ONLINE sitting at home and if you want, you can learn a lot of new things, and ONLINE PASSIVE INCOME There are many of us who have talent but that talent Can not earn PASSIVE INCOME or say that BECAUSE cannot find the right platform SO you can earn ONLINE MONEY

to all of you who can increase your skills / SKILLS by learning a little in a short time. If you want to earn money in 1 day or in 2 days THAN this post is not for you because you need a little planning and technique to earn money, so you can do a lot.


  • affiliate marketing
  • E-BOOK
  • Teespring
  • stock trading

earn money online from affiliate marketing  

You all must know a little bit about affiliate marketing.

HOWEVER, In today’s time, many companies are earning millions of rupees by doing affiliate marketing. BECAUSE is a good marketing tool.

You can also earn a lot of money through AFFILIATE MARKETING. Let us explain to you with an example – LIC holds an insurance adviser to sell life insurance

SO THAT adviser gets some commission from LIC ADDITIONALLY Similarly in affiliate marketing you also get some commission on product selling.

AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING is a good platform to earn money, for this, you have to create your ID on the site than you have to login by setting your email ID and password.

After logging in, you will have to fill in all the details of your bank’s details and PAN card. THEN if you have a website, then you will have to enter the URL of that website so that you do not have any problems in the future.

Once this process is complete, THEN you can get the AFFILIATE ID and share your desired product anywhere and get a commission. Every product has different commissions / COMMISSION ALSO The product which has more commission is also more TRAFFIC on it.

ALSO, you have to select a unique product that has low competition and the commission is also good. Every product is a unique URL code. ALSO can also speak HTML code, you can share it on your desired location FOR EXAMPLE Facebook WhatsApp and your WEBSITE.

BLUEHOST affiliate marketing

WITHOUT A DOUBT Bluehost company runs programs in which you can log in with your Gmail ID and earn commissions by putting various types of banners etc. on your website.

Bluehost is a hosting company that provides HOSTING so it is also AMAZON Is a good choice.


it is ALSO PROVIDES an AFFILIATE PROGRAM and you can promote it on your SITE and advertise the banner, e-book, and HTML / URL of course by creating your ID.

You can put IN THE FIRST PLACE on your website’s SIDEBAR or you can also share it on your FACEBOOK page.


UDEMY is a learning platform where many courses can be found ALSO can improve your skills AS WELL AS UDEMY also runs an applet program in which you can create your ID and share many courses with people and get commissions.

earn money online from EBOOK  

If you are fond of writing and writing poetry or stories or you are expert in the art of writing, then you can publish your e-book.

There are many platforms where you can PUBLISH your e-book.


it is a platform where you can publish a book and can earn PASSIVE INCOME, for this, you have to be registered for AMAZON KINDLE for which you will need GST number and upload your file in document format.

Once the book is published Later you can share it on the social platform or by running an advertisement, you can spread the information to the people so that the chances of selling growth increase.


In Instamojo, you can create your ID and upload your book, and share it with people by going on the social networking site as if you can earn a lot of money. The important thing is that Amazon Kindle takes its charge on every book. Which ranges from 30 to 35%.

earn money through YOUTUBE

We all definitely watch videos on YOUTUBE . It also has many VIDEO trends.

Have you ever thought how much money all these channels will earn or not, but all these channels do MONEY EARN by running ADS on their YouTube channel.

MONEY EARN also by giving product review. So let’s HOW TO EARN MONEY FROM YOUTUBE know about that.

First, you will have to create a YouTube account if you have already created a YouTube account, then you can create a new channel in it. If you keep singing talent, then you will get many NAME sessions related to the singing channel on the net, then you can name your channel.

If you do household chores like cooking and if you are an expert in cooking then you can start a cooking channel from which you can get lots of views.

If you are a teacher or an expert in a skill, you can make a video related to it, for this, you will have to create your own channel.

After creating the channel, you have to take care of all the videos QUALITY, editing, sound and you have to take Google Adsense APPROVAL on your YouTube channel, for which you have to do 1000 subscribers and 4000 HOUR WATCH TIME and your channel is a bit old Around the month so that you will easily get Google Adsense approval, after that you can earn a lot of money ONLINE, just you have to keep a little patience.

earn money from the online course

In the era of the internet, where the net has become so cheap that you can learn a lot online too.

In the present times, we can learn online for whatever we have to learn / FOR IT We have many / MANY platforms like YOUTUBE, UDEMY, SKILLSHARE WHERE we can go and learn a lot.

TODAY most children between the ages of 18 and 25 use UDEMY, SKILLSHARE which is a good learning platform WHICH IS.


earn money by UDEMY

In recent times, UDEMY has a collection of courses from where people can buy or study the course of their choice, if you are a teacher or a professional person or you have a SKILL, then you can do your SKILLS COURSE SELL Can.

For this, you have to create an account of yourself and / AND upload your course in it, and ALSO will have to earn a prize.

It has to be shared with people through social media or / OR then you can also run GOOGLE ADS so that / SO THAT that many people can access your course and buy it so that you can PASSIVE INCOME.

This is that the QUALITY of the course you are putting should be good, its content should be good so that people should not be confused.


SkillShare is also a GOOD platform WHERE you can make your skills accessible to the profession ALSO can give information to people and help people. In this too, you can upload your course like UDEMY

in this ALSO you can get a lot of money on your course. SKILLSHARE is too much demand in the coming times.

There is no need to give you EACH COURSE money. Apart from this, many more new platforms are coming where you can sell your course and earn.

IF YOU ARE DIGITAL MARKETER THAN You can also send your course to social media platforms such as Facebook Instagram or you can also market it on LINKEDIN.

earn money by teespring

teespring is a website where if you have an interest in design, you can design your online and get it designed in a T-shirt and MONEY EARN. For this, you will have to create your account on the TEESPRING website and you can also take the help of CANVA for designing which is the designing application which you will find online. You can also take it from the Play Store/play store, you can also design on mobile and upload it on the TEESPRING website and marketing it can make ONLINE INCOME. For this you do not need to open your own shop, nor do you need to buy a machine to print the T-shirt. Just upload your design in it and it will SHOW the t-shirt and SHARE it with your people. If they like that design then they will definitely buy it. On the EACH T-shirt you can earn up to $ 10 or more, so what is the delay? Of


earn money from PHOTOGRAPHY

If you are a good photographer BUT you are not able to make money from your photography. SO at the moment, there are many websites where you can upload your photographs and EARN MONEY.

For this, you need a basic camera MIRRORLESS or MIRROR DSLR so that you can click and upload images of good QUALITY. A little editing should be done. If you are not in the photography field, then you can learn photography online and you can click good images and sell them online.


This is a good platform where you can ONLINE SELL your photos, in addition, there are many websites where you can upload your images and make your SKILLS accessible to the people.

This is an EASY WAY TO EARN MONEY BY PHOTO. Apart from this, you can frame your photo and get it online or if you are also an expert in editing, by doing good editing, you can make that photo even better so that people pay attention to your photo and buy it.

earn money online through FREELANCE

Freelance is also a good option to make your profile public so that you can get a good project and can do GOOD INCOME on it.

For this, you can make your profile a five-star rating so that more people can come to you and take advantage of your service.

You will find many FREELANCE websites online where you can create your profile and tell people about your SKILLS such as graphic designing, WEB DEVELOPER, JAVA EXPERT ETC.

This will allow more people to take advantage of your service and connect with you. So that we can help you.

In the coming times, even big companies should take help from you and give you a lot of money and you can reach your SKILLS to more people, for this, two websites will help you the most.


Fever website is a freelance website where you can create your profile and tell people about your work. If you want to BUILD your profile, start working for less money once your profile is BUILD, after that you can increase the amount and earn GOOD PASSIVE INCOME.


UPWORK is also a freelance website where on / WHERE you can create your profile and tell people about your work and get work. It is also a freelance website like Fever.


You can also GOOD MONEY EARN from trading if you have a slight twist about trading. For this, you have to take knowledge related to trading so that you can trade in the coming time.

If you want to earn ONLINE INCOME then TRADING is a good option, for this, you have to take knowledge related to trading and you have to understand the market so that you can make good money by investing money in any EQUITY.

In recent times, mutual funds, FD‘s, bonds are popular in all the markets but you can earn more money by investing in the direct market.

For this, you can read videos from YouTube or read a book from INVESTMENT, read ARTICLES, take COURSE, so that you get knowledge.

Because we all know that big companies are EARN by investing DIRECT in the market and we also know that EARNING can be more than direct investment than Mutual Funds.

Therefore trading is also a good option that you can make money by investing in the market.

There are many websites where you can create your own trading account and can trade such as ZERODHA, Motilal Oswal, IIFL and you can open your account.


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FAQ for Earn money online

Which is the best way to earn money online?

We share most of the ways for earn money online, you can choose whichever suits to your skills.

How to earn money online in India?

If you are doing it online than its least matter from where you are, you can earn money from anywhere by following these things.

How to earn money online in India for students without investment

If you are student than better you try to find work on freelance and upwork from genuine profile.

How to earn money online with Google?

Google Adsense is best way to earn money from google and for this you have platform where google provide adsense facility.

which is best affiliate programs for beginners?

Amazon affiliate is best for beginners, you can easily create you affiliate id on amazon.