How to know Krishna LOVE

krishna love
how to know krishna love

The true meaning of Krishna love is to love everything made by it, if you will see how accurate and correct everything is, you will understand how beautiful the person who made them all is, who has given everything beautiful shape.

Many people believe that there is no form of God, it is just that reasoning is limited because the person who has given a form in which every human being does not resemble the other, all bring a different form in themselves.

Despite having a nose, the person who made this kind of structure that made our DNA so attractive, it would be so attractive that you can think that your spiritual journey will start.

You do not need to take any degree for spirituality, you can also walk this path through Bhakti Yoga and those who understand with the knowledge of yoga, understand the nature and move on to the spirituality and some people On doing Karma Yoga, you feel more spirituality, it is up to you how much importance you give to Yoga.

The three yogas are mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita, which is very important in today’s life because the change that has taken place in some 20 years may not have happened even in 100 years, so we can understand this change through yoga more thoroughly. Can understand your physical and spiritual life.

Being connected with Krishna will give you a different feeling. The more you read about Krishna, you will come to know that there is something which is true that your mind and mind will also love.

His love is the ocean, even if you understand even a drop of that ocean, your tears will not stop and you will feel that someone who loves you so much wants to see you and be happy, despite all your bad deeds. He is concerned about improving you, he does not expect you to feel him or not, yet he wants to see you happy, he wants you to be safe.

Krishna love is the kind of love in which you will never have to be disappointed if you love anyone or someone loves you, then there is an expectation from him or you that you do not mean anything but Krishna loves you constantly.

It is full of curses, there are some rules to contact you, which you can understand by walking on it, you can talk to those who do not even need words. When you do wrong, he also feels sad, yet he helps you to avoid those things which you have done and walk on a good path so that you can be free from the bondage of birth and death by attaining salvation and in the spiritual world.

By going, you can be constantly happy and understand God more and understand the spiritual world created by him and enjoy it.
Happiness in this world has its own limit of happiness, but in this world all these things are constant, its image or image is visible, in this world, we can spend whole life for the pleasure which is very bad for us and Which affects our actions, leaving all these, we should try to get that happiness which is constant and constant.

We should recite the Hare Krishna Mahamantra, which will lead you further to that happiness in this Kali Yuga and elevate you from your karma.

Harekrishna Harekrishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hareram Hareram Rama Rama Hare Hare

There is no higher addiction than Krishna devotion because it is in your core when you will not reach this root, you may feel it but if you take the name of Krishna, then something changes in you which is good for you.