How to solve sleeping problems Naturally

how to solve sleeping problem
how to solve sleeping problem

If you do not sleep at night, these are important things that you should pay attention to. We all have problems with sleep at some time, whatever the reason behind it, but what measures should we take for it.

tips for better sleeping

  • Eat two hours before bedtime
  • Take a bath before sleeping.
  • Burn a given oil in the room where you sleep, it will make a big difference.
  • If you know Isha Kriya then you can do it too. If you want to know, then videos of it will be found on YouTube.
  • Do not keep the cell phone close to the head, it also affects the quality of sleep.
  • Sleep on the left side, which will also improve sleep and reduce sleep hours.
  • Do not sleep in the north direction and because the magnetic field in the north direction is high due to which the blood increases rapidly towards the head, which is dangerous for older people.
  • Slow music can also be heard, such as classical songs or those that sound sweet.

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