New Online FRAUD and SCAM that you should avoid in 2022

नये ऑनलाइन FRAUDS और SCAM जिनसे आपको बचना चाहिए 2020 में
नये ऑनलाइन FRAUDS और SCAM जिनसे आपको बचना चाहिए 2020 में

As technology is growing, new online FRAUD and SCAM are increasing, which is good for you to be alert.

You can’t even imagine how easily these people can clear your account in one click, many of us want to stay away from technology, but if you run a smartphone or even have a normal phone, then you have to talk about all these It is important to know.

Due to increasing technology, FRAUDS has also increased and these people are so vicious that they do not get caught easily. If all of you have seen the Zamtara NETFLIX series, then you must have known how these people used to empty the accounts by taking account details of people by calling.

online FRAUD and SCAM

Online FRAUD and SCAM

TOP 5 online FRAUD and SCAM


OLX and QUIKR are sites in which we have a lot of trust and try to take advantage of this trust by some hackers and scammers, when you want to sell something online, in these websites these people talk to you about your goods and tell you that And send a QR CODE to your number, if you scanned it by mistake also, all the money from your account will be cleared by the scan and you will keep thinking.

online FRAUD and SCAM
Qr Code Online FRAUD and SCAM

You should be careful and alert because these people can easily take advantage of your helplessness. In the name of the job also, these people will tell you that you give 10% of your salary which you have not received in advance and your job is confirmed, if these people will lure you by saying a huge amount of money on 40000rs jobs and 4000 from you Can be taken very easily.


Like QR CODE, you can be cheated in this too, but if the process is long, then you become alert. Nowadays we all do UPI transactions, either by scanning or sending the amount to the phone number or UPI CODE.

If you are selling OLX or any product online, then the scammer will ask for your UPI number to give you money and then will say that XYZ is sending you the amount and that it will REQUEST you instead of sending the amount and you did not read the message and ACCEPT properly.

If you do not understand at the time of entering the PIN, then the XYZ amount will be deducted from your account and you will continue to whip the bank.

online FRAUD and SCAM
Online FRAUD and SCAM


This is fraud specific, which is not faced by everyone, but if you are in the business or sales field, then you can get their call and they will lure you to give 5000 or 10000 and you will guarantee that you will get 100-200 leads.

That they have been confirmed by them, you just have to give the amount and you will mail these leads, once you are tempted, then these people will give you a number from anywhere or give such leads from which you will not get any RETURN. , They neither had any support that you get any refund, so do not fall into all this.



In search of online jobs, many youngsters are deceived by this, there are many sites where you will get a data entry job or you will also search in Google about online jobs, many scammer sites whose SEO is so right that You will be seen and will offer a good amount that you have to do a copy-paste work and will give you 60-70 rupees of EACH form and you will be ready easily, then when it is your turn to take the money,

then they will ask you to make some excuses like The work is 70% correct, if you give 2000 rupees, then you will get a chance to improve those forms and you will lose what you are in a rush to get 15000-20000

so no matter how good a site is you first know properly in YOUTUBE or Google It should be done so that there is no mistake.


Mobile tower Online FRAUD and SCAM SCAM

With the help of email or phone call, if someone ever asks you to pay a good amount in your house or plot by getting a mobile tower, then be careful because these scammers will talk to you about a good big deposit amount and give you 20000 – 30000 You will talk and you will be hit by millions and you will keep thinking that if you want to get a mobile tower, then you go to the site of the company concerned and contact it. Many mobile companies also maintain these scammers fake site, so you should be cautious and identify the fake site, if there is any problem, then research online, with the help of YouTube and Google, you can also take the help of QUORA, you can get information in detail. Will get it.

also you will aware from franchisee, brand name and govt scheme fraud

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