WHAT IS CANVA और इसके उपयोग

With the help of CANVA, many people are making money today by creating designs and its tools will surprise you. You will find it the most used in the SOCIAL MEDIA platform.

If you have not heard about it, then know what are its benefits. Its main use is more to design CRATE which you can share on Facebook, Instagram, TWITTER.

In this, you will find many types of templates that you can use and make your content attractive.



You can get the most benefit from this in YOUTUBE because with the help of CANVA you can create thumbnails, art, photos, intro, video, END screen videos for YOUTUBE all in one place easily.

For this, you will not have to pay any royalty, you can do a lot with the free collection. 90% of YOUTUBER use this for the tools required by making videos, you will find many types of templates in it which you can use.

If you are a VLOGGER, a cooking expert, make an educational video, you will find a template for every category on CANVA and you can also earn money with the help of this by designing and thumbnails for the logo for their videos.

इस वीडियो की मदद से भी आप समझ सकते है।


Instagram is a social media platform, we all do it USE and share stories with people.

If you are a professional then you will need it for your business for LOGO design and banner as well as for your FEED and story columns.

You can also get good results in Instagram ADS with the help of this.


We have all been using it since long ago, but if you have a Facebook page, then you will get the necessary tools FROM CANVA TO MAKE Facebook cover, Facebook profile, and post, etc.

You will not even need to CUSTOMIZE your photos because you can do all this with the help of CANVA. Apart from this, you can also use it on TWITTER.


Infographics are like a one-page information chart which contains information about the topic and some design is also PUT with the help of which you can easily understand anything

it has a good combination of photos and text, due to which the post is more Looks attractive. In CANVA you will find many tools and templates for creating infographics, which you can use both online and offline.


Creating a LOGO is an art that is a very important art. You can create attractive LOGO using CANVA for your business, gaming, YOUTUBE, Facebook.

It has different importance in gaming, such as for PUBG you will get many options in it to create a LOGO. If you are doing business online then you will get a chance to increase your brand with the help of a logo.


Posters are used for every festival and offer or sale, you must have seen in the paper ADS in which the poster is used.

If you have your shop or you want to AWARE the people for a subject or you study in school college, then you can make an online poster and share it in your profile.

At the time of LOCKDOWN, any information has to be given to the teachers in the WhatsApp group, they also use the posters.

Can also use CANVA in it, for this you will not have to work too hard and in a short time, you can make a good presentation.

It does not matter whether you are in school or college or office employees.

There are such tools in it, with the help of which you can make your presentation attractive and have a good effect on people.

CANVA FOR invitations and gift cards

With the help of CANVA, you can create an Invitation Card and Gift Card and INVITE the logo on social media or WISH them by using the Attractive Templates in a special event and you can tell the people that you care for them.

CANVA is a platform where you will get everything in one place. It is also free, its membership is also available, which you can take and make an attractive design, but if you are new you can do free VERSION USE.

CANVA FOR T-shirt design

If you want to earn money by designing a T-shirt then you can take the help of CANVA, you can earn money using sites like AMAZON MERCH and TEESPRING using many free IMAGES and LOGO.

You do not even need to do a design making course, you just need basic knowledge and you can also become a pro design maker and do online designing AND EARN MONEY.

CANVA FOR Certificate and Business Card

If you are associated with a profession or you have a company or startup, with the help of this you can create ID card for your employees.

Apart from this, you can also make a business card for your business and can tell people about your business and get more and more connected with the people.

With the help of this, you can also create a participation certificate, achievement certificate for your employees.


With the help of CANVA, you can create banners for your website and make posts effective, like your blog or if your site is also the site of a particular micro NICHE, then you will also get templates and elements for that on CANVA.

You can also make a cover for online books with the help of it, which will increase your sales and you will get good results.

Along with this, you can also create reports, newsletters, coupons, CD covers, menus, and action plans very easily.