Meta ai feature on Instagram


Meta is a type of AI assistant that improves the experience of the app, it helps you to explore various kinds of things by being in the app itself. Meta AI can be used by engaging in a normal conversation with the AI itself, one of the most important features of the meta is it helps you discover various things in the app itself.

below are the features that are embedded in the Meta AI:

  • image editing
  • interaction with chatbox
  • creation of a sticker
  • generation of image

How to use Meta AI in instagram

following are the steps through which you can use meta ai in Instagram:

  • Open the direct message section where you usually chat with your friends.
  • initiate a direct message or open any existing chat.
  • to start Meta AI type “@”, this will open a pop-up menu.
  • Now select the “Meta AI” option there.
  • Now once the Meta AI is activated you can give any work you want.
  • After assigning the work tap on the send button, to start the process.
  • After some time you will get your desired product.

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