What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Exposed To Water During Holi And How To Protect It 2024

What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Exposed To Water During Holi And How To Protect It
What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Exposed To Water During Holi And How To Protect It

What To Do If Your Smartphone Is Exposed To Water During Holi And How To Protect It: The Holi celebrations have begun, and people are feeling really excited as they get ready to enjoy this special festival of colors with their friends and family. There’s so much fun planned, like foam parties, dancing in the rain, indulging in delicious thandai desserts, and, of course, playing with colorful gulaal. Everyone’s looking forward to a great time filled with laughter and joy.

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If you’re all set for some Holi fun, you gotta have water balloons and water guns on the list! But hey, here’s the thing – there’s a good chance your phone might end up getting soaked in all the excitement. Whether you’re playing Holi or capturing those precious moments with your loved ones, just keep an eye on your phone to make sure it stays dry.

What to do if your smartphone is exposed to water during Holi and how to protect it

  1. Turn off your phone: As soon as you fish your phone out of the water, the first step is to turn it off. If it’s an older model with a removable battery, go ahead and take the battery out too.
  2. Handle with care: Avoid shaking your phone vigorously. This could push water deeper into the phone and cause more damage.
  3. Dry the surface: Grab some paper towels and gently pat the outer surface of your phone to soak up any water. Don’t use a hair dryer, though; it can get too hot and cause problems. Let your phone air dry naturally. If you can, placing it in sunlight can help speed up the process.
  4. Rice trick: Here’s a neat trick – get a bag of uncooked rice and bury your phone in it. Rice has this cool property of absorbing moisture, so leave it in there for at least six hours. It can really help draw out any remaining water.
  5. No charging: While your phone’s still wet, don’t even think about plugging it in to charge. And don’t forget to remove the SIM card and tray too; they might have gotten wet as well.

Follow these steps, and hopefully, your phone will bounce back as good as new.

How you can protect your smartphone from water during Holi celebration

  1. Ziplock bags: Grab yourself some airtight ziplock bags to keep your phone, smartwatch, or any other gadgets safe and dry while you’re having fun with Holi. It’s like a little waterproof shield for your tech. Check Ziplog bags in amazon
  2. Moisturiser: Don’t forget about your earphones! Before you dive into the festivities, give them a little protective layer of glycerin or moisturizer. This can help prevent any pesky color stains or damage.
  3. Use pattern lock: Instead of relying on fingerprint recognition to unlock your phone, switch to using a pattern or PIN. It’s super handy, especially if your phone is in a transparent ziplock bag. Plus, it ensures you can enjoy Holi without worrying about any fingerprint recognition hiccups.

1. How can I safe my phone from water during Holi festivities?

Ans: One effective method is to use airtight ziplock bags to keep your phone and other gadgets dry while you enjoy the celebrations.

2. How do I protect my earphones from color stains or damage during Holi?

Ans: Apply a layer of glycerin or moisturizer to your earphones before the festivities begin to shield them from potential color stains or damage

3. What’s a practical alternative to fingerprint recognition for unlocking my phone during Holi?

Ans: Instead of relying on fingerprint recognition, opt for a pattern or PIN lock. This method works well even if your phone is enclosed in a transparent ziplock bag, ensuring hassle-free access during the celebrations.