Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 Release Date

Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 Release Date
Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 Release Date

Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 Release Date: Hey horror movie fans, Get ready to be thrilled and chilled because 2024 is bringing some seriously spooky films. We’ve got it all lined up from ghosts that’ll make your hair stand on end to heart-stopping suspense.

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Upcoming Horror Movies 2024 Release Date


Abigail Release Date April 19, 2024
Abigail Director Matt Bettinelli OlpinTyler Gillett
Abigali WritersStephen Shields Guy Busick

Universal Pictures brings you an exciting new horror crime adventure with a twist! Picture this: a group of criminals mistakenly kidnaps the daughter of a powerful underworld figure, thinking she’s just a regular ballerina.

Little do they know, they’ve actually taken in a pint-sized vampire, Now, trapped inside an isolated mansion with this unexpected guest, chaos ensues as blood and mayhem take center stage.

Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, the brilliant minds behind “Ready or Not” and the recent “Scream” films, and starring Kathryn Newton and Dan Stevens, known for their roles in “Freaky” and “The Guest” respectively, this film promises to deliver a modern horror experience that’s both thrilling and entertaining.

2. I Saw the TV Glow

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I Saw the TV Glow Release Date May 3, 2024
I Saw the TV Glow Director Jane Schoenbrun
I Saw the TV Glow WritersJane Schoenbrun

A24 returns to the horror scene with a new film by Jane Schoenbrun, known for their captivating 2021 film “We’re All Going to the World’s Fair,” which delved into the world of online voyeurism and manipulation.

Their latest offering, “I Saw the TV Glow,” maintains a focus on the teenage perspective while exploring relationships to pop culture and fandom. The story follows two friends who bond over their shared love for a supernatural TV show called “The Pink Opaque,” only to find it abruptly canceled.

Promising to be a dreamy, queer, neon-soaked mystery, this film is a must-watch for anyone who’s ever had a beloved show and eagerly awaited each episode.

Starring Justice Smith and Brigette Lundy-Paine, with a killer soundtrack featuring artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail, and Caroline Polachek, “I Saw the TV Glow” is shaping up to be this year’s indie horror favorite.


Cuckoo Release Date May 3, 2024
Cuckoo Director Tilman Singer
Cuckoo WritersTilman Singer

Horror fans have been eagerly anticipating “Cuckoo” since its announcement in 2021, and now, it’s set to make its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival before hitting SXSW and later theaters in May.

Written and directed by Tilman Singer, known for the demonic horror “Luz” in 2018, and starring Hunter Schafer and Dan Stevens, “Cuckoo” boasts an impressive lineup of talent. The story follows Gretchen, a 17-year-old who moves with her family to a German mountain resort, only to discover that things there are far from ordinary.

With its mysterious and eerie take on adolescence and family secrets, “Cuckoo” is already generating buzz ahead of its festival appearances, promising to captivate audiences with its chilling narrative.

4. The Strangers trilogy

The Strangers trilogy Release Date May 3, 2024
The Strangers trilogy Director Renny Harlin
The Strangers trilogy WritersRenny Harlin

Bryan Bertino’s iconic film, featuring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, hit theaters in 2008 and quickly became a beloved classic in the home invasion sub-genre.

A decade later, fans were treated to a sequel titled “The Strangers: Prey At Night,” which continued the terrifying saga of the masked killers Dollface, Pin-Up Girl, and the Man in the Mask as they unleashed chaos on a new unsuspecting family, including Christina Hendricks, in a trailer park.

Now, the franchise is expanding even further with three new films: “The Strangers: Chapter 1,” “Chapter 2,” and “Chapter 3,” all under the direction of Renny Harlin, known for his work on “A Nightmare on Elm Street 4” and “Deep Blue Sea.” Continuing the story from the first two installments, “The Strangers: Chapter 1” will follow a similar premise to the original, focusing on a couple embarking on a road trip who find themselves spending a night in an isolated Airbnb.

Unfortunately, their peaceful night takes a terrifying turn when they encounter the infamous trio of strangers. From there, the action unfolds across the new trilogy, promising audiences a spine-chilling ride through fear and suspense.