Who is Internet Sensation “Kacha Badam Girl”? Wiki, Bio, Age, Instagram

Kacha Badam Girl

IntroductionWho is Internet Sensation “Kacha Badam Girl”?

Kacha Badam Girl

Kacha Badam Girl, in today’s time internet, can make any person a superstar overnight. And we have seen this many times, be it Priya Prakash Varrier, Ranu Mandal who sang “Ek Pyaar Ka Nagma”, or Sahadev Dhirdo who sang the song “Bachpan Ka Pyaar”. We got to know about Baba Ka Dhaba overnight whose owner was Kanta Prasad. 

A song from the internet can go viral overnight, and any person, any dancer, a singer can come into the public eye. Similarly, a song is becoming very viral at this time, which name is Kacha Badam“.

In this song, a girl performing a hot & seductive dance in a reel on Instagram has also gone viral, which has come into the public eye due to this song.

Do you know who is Kacha Badam Girl? Who is Pink Dress Girl? If you do not know about Kacha Badam girl? So no problem. We will tell you everything about Kacha Badam Girl. Apart from this, we will also tell you who is the singer of Kacha Badam.

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Who is Kacha Badam Girl? kacha badam girl name

Kacha Badam Girl

Friends, we will tell you who is Kacha Badam Girl or kacha badam girl name. The name of Kacha Badam Girl is “Anjali Arora“, and Anjali Arora’s age is 22 years old.

Anjali Arora was born on 3 November 1999, and her height is 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight is 60 kg.

The email ID of the Kacha Badam Girl is Anjali20@gmail.com.

Apart from this, the personal email ID of Kacha Badam Girl is Aroragirl.2000@gmail.com.

Anjali Arora had uploaded an Instagram reel of her on the song Kacha Badam a few days back, and today the number of people who have seen that Instagram reel has reached above 2.60 crores (2.6M).

This number is increasing every minute, this reel has been liked by more than 1.80 Crore (1.8M) people, and more than 58000 people have given their views on this reel, which means they have commented.

Anjali Arora is very beautiful and is very attractive. Because of this, today’s youth are roaming crazy behind Anjali Arora.

The dance performed by Anjali Arora to the song of Kachcha Badam in a pink Night Dress was appealing to many people, especially the boys.

When she did not upload her reel of the song ‘Kachha Badam’, she had around 50,000 followers on her Insta profile, but today, her profile has more than 1.03 million followers. Anjali Arora became famous overnight because of only one reel.

Who is singer of Kacha Badam?

The name of the man who sang the song Kachcha Badam is Bhuban Badyakar. And he is a resident of the Birbhum district of West Bengal, and he was born in a village named Kuralguri in the Birbhum district.

Originally they used to sell raw almonds and cashew nuts in their village. Along with this, he has two sons and a daughter.

The song sung by him is becoming very viral on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, especially on Instagram. And this song has become the most viral in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

After the song went viral, he was also honored by the West Bengal Police Commissionerate.


So in today’s article, we got to know who is Kacha Badam Girl? We got information about the biography of Anjali Arora. Apart from this we also got information about the Kacha Badam singer.

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