WWE New Superstar Veer Mahan Biography, Height, Wiki, and Many More

Veer Mahan Biography

Veer Mahan Biography

Veer Mahan also known as Rinku Singh Rajput is an Indian professional wrestler, he is also signed to WWE he was also signed with Pittsburgh Pirates back in 2008, and he was the first-ever Indian to play baseball. Veer Mahan was born on the 8th of August 1988 in gopiganj, Uttar Pradesh, he has completed his education in his hometown only. He is 6ft 3in height and his weight is 125 kg.

Veer Mahan Early life

Veer Mahan Biography

Veer Mahan has grown up in a very poor family and his father was a truck driver, he used to live in a small village called gopiganj, he also used to play javelin and he was also earth junior national medalist in the javelin, he also participated in an Indian television show called the A million arm this show was run by American sportsperson, in this, the participants have to throw the baseball as fast as the participant could. He throw the ball at a speed of 87 mph and won the contest out of 37,000 people he got the price of $100,000.

They then travel to Los Angeles after winning the contest and there he started taking training in baseball at Tom’s house, he continued to learn the game and English as well.

Veer Mahan Baseball Career

In November 2008 end of Major League Baseball, he threw the ball with a speed of 92 mph and after that, he signed a contract with the organization which led them to become the first-ever Indian who signed a baseball contract with America and Patel and Singh got $8000 for the signing bonus.

In 2009 he became the first-ever Indian citizen to appear in American Baseball League along with Dinesh Patel he pitched the 7th inning and on 13th July 2009, they won their first-ever baseball game in America, in 2011 he also participated in the Dominican summer league where he pitched eight games and in July 2011 he joined West Virginia power and between 2011 to 2012 he also joined Australian Baseball League and there he made the world all-star inning, later on, he was also resigned on 2015 and appeared in Gulf Coast League.


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Veer Mahan Wrestling Career

Veer Mahan Biography

Singh made his first-ever contract with WWE on 14th January 2018 and he made his first-ever ring debut on 31st May 2018, at NXT live event. Later on, he was started managed by Robert Strauss.

Singh made his first-ever television debut on 25th march 2018 with his manager Malcolm Bivens, in the same week, Ever-Rise was defeated by Indus her (Veer Mahan) in a debut match, on 22nd January 2021 in superstar spectacle, Saurav and Rinku tagged along with Drew McIntyre defeated jinder mahal, on 10th may he got his new name as veer, and on 2021 they both were drafted to smackdown but veer was still on the raw brand and their alliance ended, On 4th April 2022 he came back and attacked Dominic Mysterio Andrey Mysterio.


Rinku Singh Rajput is also known as Veer Mahan is an Indian professional WWE wrestler, he was born on 8th August 1998 in gopiganj Uttar Pradesh India and currently, he is 33 years old, he signed a contract with WWE on 14th January 2018, and before that he was a professional American baseball player and also he was the first-ever Indian citizen to go and play baseball in American. Veer Mahan has taken his training from the WWE performance center and he is towering 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 125 kilograms.

Frequently asked questions

When and where Rinku was born?

Rinku Singh Rajput was born on 8 August 1998 in gopiganj Uttar Pradesh India and he is currently 33 years old.

When did he make his first-ever debut in WWE?

He signed contracts with WWE on 14th January 2018 and he made his first-ever ring debut on 31st May 2018 at the next live event.

What is the background of Rinku Singh Rajput?

He belonged to a very poor family and his father was a truck driver he used to leave in a village in Uttar Pradesh called gopiganj.

How did he was selected for baseball?

After winning the contest the million-dollar arm, Rinku moved to Los Angeles and there he got training from Tom’s house and played his first-ever baseball match in November 2008.