Anupama actress Name and other cast details

Anupama actress Name

Before knowing the Anupama Actress name we have to know about Anupama Serial, Anupama is an Indian drama series that was first ever premiered on star plus on 13th July 2020, it is also streamed on OTT platforms and the producers of this show are Rajan Shahi and Deepa Shahi

This show is inspired by a Bengali show whose name is Sreemoyee, this show is written by Bhavana Vyas and directed by Romesh Kira. This show is consist of one season and a total of 588 episodes and each episode is around 20 to 24 minutes long.

Anupama actress Name and other casts Details

Anupama actress Name
Anupama actress

Below given are the details regarding the Anupama actress and the cast of the Anupama show-

Rupali Ganguly- Rupali Ganguly is Anupama Actress and she is playing the role of Anupama and in the show, she is a talented Kathak dancer and also a businesswoman. She was never respected by her family and decided to stand on her own feet after releasing her worth.

Gaurav Khanna- Gaurav Khanna who is playing the role of Anuj in the show is a businessman and he is the son of GK foster, second husband of Anupama, adopted brother of Malvika, and good friend of Samar and Devika. From their college days onwards, he used to love Anupama, and due to that reason he remained unmarried, he believes that Gopi Chandra is his family and he is a father-like figure to Samar.

Sudhanshu Pandey- Sudhanshu Pandey is playing the role of Vanraj Shah in this show. He is a former business partner of Malvika, second husband of kavya, and father of Pakhi and Samar. He was among the people who used to insult Anupama and when he divorced Anupama, he realized her worth. But later on, he started to insult Anupama again after Anuj entered their life and he also started an affair with kavya after getting divorced from Anupama. He started a business along with Malaika to get overnight rich but later on, he was fired from the company because of a lack of professionalism and behavior.

Madalsa Sharma Chakravarty- mandala Sharma Chakravarty is playing the role of kavya shah in this show. She is the aunt of Nandini, former wife of Aniruddha, and second wife of vanraj. After getting a breakup with Anirudh she started dating vanraj. She never misses the chance to insult up and she is a self-obsessed and greedy woman after that, she also joined the company of Anuj but later on, she was also fired from the company due to lack of professionalism.

Paras kalnawat- Paris kalnawat is playing the role of Samar in the show. He is an outstanding tap dancer and the younger son of one Raja Anupama, Co-owner of the Dance Academy of Anupama, and brother of Paritosh and pakhi. Same as Anupama he was criticized by his family members but later on, he got support from Nandini and Anupama, the Vanraj and kavya deceived his mother and dad the reason he hates them the most and he loves Anupama most and supports her. Kinjal is like an elder sister to him.


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Anupama is an Indian television drama show which is inspired by a Bengali series called Sreemoyee, this show was first premiered on star plus back on 13th July 2022 and it is also streamed on several OTT platforms this show is produced under Kut productions, this story is written by Bhavana Vyas and it has been directed by roomies Kira, there are overall 588 episodes present in this series. Hope you know the Anupama Actress Name and other cast details.