Youtube video making tools
Youtube video making tools

YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING TOOLS is an important thing because YOUTUBE is the largest SMO (SEARCH Media Optimization) platform, here you will find all the videos from which you can learn a lot.

YOUTUBE is the most USE after GOOGLE if you had to know anything. You must have seen YOUTUBE VIDEO, then it would also come to your mind that why don’t I also make a video

but there will be many DOUBTS in your mind to start from where and on which topic to make a video, where to make the video’s intro, and how to create a thumbnail.

YOUTUBE QUESTION related to tools whose demand is still high.

Ever since LOCKDOWN has happened, the INTEREST of online EARNING has increased in the minds of people and YOUTUBE is the most accurate and easiest way of online EARNING

so we should all know which tools you have to use while creating a YOUTUBE.

TOP 5 Youtube video making tools

We will DISCUSS TOP 5 about YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING TOOLS that are perfect for making a good VIDEO.


If you want to grow quickly in a short time, then you should be clear about what your topic is and find which keywords in that topic, there are many tools for ranking it.

If your topic is above technology, then you can go to Google Trends, you will know that the topic is being searched more, if the topic is stock market, for EXAMPLE, then you can go to that topic and see what relates to it What has been discovered LIKE which share will give more RETURN / TOP 10 SHARES TO BUY TODAY ETC

you can search the topic more than QUESTION HUB which is a part of Google. Then you can add them in Excel and in UBER SUGGEST You can also know the trend of that keyword by how popular the topic is.

Apart from this, you can also USE the keyword EVERYWHERE with which you can get many topics and keywords, all you have to do is PLUGIN it in your Chrome then you will see YOUTUBE VIDEO whatever you see, all the keywords USE will be visible to you.


If you do not find THUMBNAIL of your VIDEO, then you do not have to worry, you can go to CANVA and make thumbnails online and make your videos attractive.

For this you will have to go to its site where you will have to go to the YOUTUBE thumbnail option and you will get many THUMBNAIL, besides this, you can also create photos and art for your CHANNEL with the help of CANVA. Knowing how to USE CANVA So you can also see our YOUTUBE VIDEO. You can ADD your photo in it, remove the background, if you are creating a VLOGGING channel, then with the help of POLISH APP, it will also be considered a YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING TOOLS.

INTRO and END video AND background MUSIC

It is said that if the beginning is good then everything is good. That is why intro videos also have a lot of importance in YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING TOOLS, for this you will find two sites where you can get royalty-free videos for your videos and make it attractive.

PIXABAY is famous for this, from here you can find every type of short video which will be right for video intro, and if you want to add a subscribe to video or thank you video to the end of the video, then you will also

get it from it and You will also get music from this, apart from this you can also search from CANVA. Like PIXABAY, MIX KIT also provides video but is considered more popular for music.

In this, you will get the SONG of every type which will make your video even more attractive. You will also get video templates that you can add to your video if you are a Premiere Pro user.

IMAGE and font animation

If you are having trouble finding the right image that you want to add to the video, you own it or copyright ISSUE, then UNSPLASH is the best for you from here you can get royalty free images in every category. Provides FREE images in PIXABAY.

Font animation is still trending, it will take your video intro to a different level because it is also in demand. The font has its own AREA. You will get many PAID SITES but if you want a free font animator then you can download from the play store like INTRO MAKER, PIXELFLOW which is very easy to do.

If you know the after-effects then it is best that you can also learn online. FILMORA PRO software can also be used by the USE if you want to spend a little moneyà„€

VIDEO editing APPS

After all these MAIN tools because all these elements are used in the same YOUTUBE VIDEO MAKING TOOLS, so if you run a laptop, it is difficult to get free editing software

but you can do the best editing from the phone in the current time, you will get mobile app youtube video editor by inshot and vn app from playstore which you can edit videos, you can SLOMO USE in it, you can OVICE OVER which takes mobile editing to the next level.

You can also find , Motion Ninja, and many more apps from playstore which you can edit videos.