How to wake up early in the morning? | 5 best ways to get up early in the Morning

सुबह जल्दी उठने के फायदे
सुबह जल्दी उठने के फायदे

Wake up early in the morning has become a challenge in today’s time and you want to get up early but can’t get up. Many times, even after trying the alarm, sleep does not open and even opens, it is difficult that the whole day is spent in sleep, this problem is happening with all of us and we think of thinking of lying in bed early.

There is no trace of sleep far and wide. We do not understand what is happening to us, because of which this is happening and you cannot do anything and put a tag on yourself that I can not get up soon I am like this. If you can get rid of this problem and want to wake up early in the morning, then you know about those methods.

wake up early in the morning
wake up early in the morning

5 best ways to get up early in the Morning

Do yoga

Many people think that what will happen with Yoga, but the truth is that Yoga will only happen because Yoga means to join (Yog) and when you do Yoga, then you connect with nature in a way and every work of nature would be perfect. is. When you come in contact with it, your work also starts to get perfect

there are other benefits besides getting up in the morning, so you do yoga-like Surya Namaskar, Kapal Bhati, Nadi Shuddhi, Disha Operation, Alom vilom, etc.

You can also see these exercises by going to YOUTUBE. Therefore, you can practice yoga every day, so that you will start to see changes within you and in a short time, you will work more creatively and feel energetic.

Include raw food in the intake

If you include 40 to 50% raw food in your food, then it is very beneficial for you because it contains enzymes that work to digest food.

When you cook food, the quality of its enzyme is lost, due to which it takes a little time to digest food and when you eat only cooked food then you feel sleepy after eating it and after a while, you feel fine.

Let’s do what is due to this reason, so make sure to include cucumber carrots and green vegetables which can be eaten with food. When you eat such food, you will not feel lethargic and tired and you will wake up early in the morning

Eat 3 to 4 hours before bedtime and walk a little

Eating late and then sleeping makes you lazier which increases the hours of sleep and you cannot get up in the morning, so you should have a meal 3 hours before sleeping and take a walk after having a meal so that your food Get digested and you can enjoy a good sleep.

If you have a meal at 7 pm and take a walk in the garden or your house a little, then it will be better so that you will also get better sleep and you will wake up early in the morning.

Intake of honey in lukewarm water

Consumption of honey is very beneficial for everyone because if you consume it with cold water, it will help to increase your weight and if you are obese, then you can consume it with light hot water so that your weight will be balanced.

If you have trouble sleeping, then you take it in lukewarm water, which will reduce your body’s inertia, which will increase the quality of sleep and you will get up in due time and will not need to sleep much.

You do not have to take it with hot water because some parts of honey are poisoned by it, so use only warm or lukewarm water.

Take a shower before bed

Our body is made up of five elements in which the ratio of water is the highest, so whenever you go to sleep, take a bath with lukewarm water so that it will feel as if many kinds of activity going on in the mind will automatically calm down and you feel lighter.

Therefore, these measures are also suitable so that you will fall asleep early and feel energetic after getting up in the morning. Apart from this, there are other ways like you can also do workouts or cycling. Classical music is also helpful for good sleep and help for wake up early in the morning.

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