Top 5 Affiliate marketing websites for earn money online

Top Affiliate marketing websites
Top Affiliate marketing websites

Today we will talk about the TOP Affiliate marketing websites from which we can earn good money. Before that you need to know what is the affiliate site, there will be many of us who will not know about AFFILIATE MARKETING or will have half incomplete knowledge.

AFFILIATE MARKETING is such marketing that you can earn money without any investment. Just like you earn money by insuring in LIC which is based on commission, in affiliate marketing also get a commission on the sale of every item that you share to the people with a link to your UNIQUE ID.

In this, you can get a commission on EACH product from people by sharing the banner URL HTML of the product of the related site. In such a way, you can earn a lot from affiliate marketing.

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Top 5 Affiliate marketing websites

amazon affiliate marketing

This is a very popular site from where you can do marketing. We all know about this site and buy goods online daily.

So if you do AFFILIATE marketing in it, then you can do EARNING online by adjusting the product easily.

In this, you will get a different commission chart in every product, so the product in which you have more interest and in which you think you can earn more commission, share that product to more people so that people buy it and you will pay money on that same Can earn

Affiliate marketing websites
amazon commission chart | Affiliate marketing websites

You can also check the commission in the given chart. You can share it on your blog or share it on your YouTube channel and reach people. If you have a Facebook page, then you can also share it with people and people will buy, then you will get a commission on everything if your link opens AMAZON’s site.

If a person takes anything from your link then you will get that commission too. This is a very good feature for them. AMAZON is a worldwide site where every type of product is available, from the kitchen to office, it is easily found here so that you will be able to adjust the product easily, you can share the product of your interest with people. All you need to do is create an AFFILIATE ID.

Flipkart affiliate marketing

his is also a good site, just like AMAZON, it also has all kinds of goods available that you can share with people and the commission is also good. For its AFFILIATE MARKETING ID, you have to provide basic information and you can find the affiliate ID, by looking at the commission chart, you can get information about the related product. If you want to get a commission, then you can share it with people and earn money.

Flip kart commission chart | Affiliate marketing websites

With FLIP KART you can share a wide range of items among people and earn. Like AMAZON, FLIP KART is also a good website where you can create your AFFILIATE ID and share its link on your web page and put its banner on your side.

If you want, you can also give a review of a product on your YouTube CHANNEL and share the affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing websites


This is a good site for online learning, it has many courses that you can learn. At the time of lockdown, everyone is doing more FOCUS on online learning and teaching their children online things in UDEMY and learning on their own.

UDEMY also provides Affiliate, you can review any COURSE by creating your Affiliate ID in it, earn good commission on your blog, and AFFILIATE MARKETING. It has many courses such as digital marketing, web designing videography, photoshop, app development, e-commerce, java programming, etc. You can do anything and share its link with people.

The more you adjust the course people, the more commission you will get on every course, if someone buys that course. Currently, UDEMY is offering 15% Basic COMMISSION.

Bluehost affiliate marketing

This is a hosting site where you can take posting and get a domain for free for 1 year and you can start your website. BLUEHOST is the most popular HOSTING site in HOSTING FIELD and many other sites AFFILIATE MARKETING.

You can earn money by making their ID too. Such as Hostinger Go Daddy etc. BLUEHOST You will get FLAT ₹ 5000 on every sale and you can withdraw from it after being $ 100.

This is a very good site and it has a lot of names, you can easily adjust it in a block and earn money from AFFILIATE MARKETING. It is also important to know about HOSTING if you want to do AFFILIATE MARKETING.


SEMRUSH is a KEYWORD SUGGESTION tool and a great site for auditing backlinks where you can find the KEYWORD topic and BACKLINK Help for your site and strengthen your site.

It has many advantages if a person is new in the blocking field, then SEMRUSH is very helpful for him. This will help in many ways to make his website strong so that he can also reach his SITE and make a lot of money. If you want its AFFILIATE MARKETING ID, then you have to fill your basic information in it and enter your website URL.

In this, you can earn up to 40 percent commission. If you liked this post, you can follow and subscribe to us on Instagram and YouTube and can connect with us. If you need any more information, then tell us in the comment, we will also block it and share it with you. will do.