Twitter Blue Check Subscription – How to get Twitter blue Tick Subscription easily 100%

How to get Twitter blue tick subscription
How to get Twitter blue tick subscription

Now you can get Twitter Blue Check like other celebrities but for that, you have Twitter Blue Check Subscription so your account will so verify account.

For getting Blue Check on account you have to take a subscription which comes in a monthly and annual package and you have to pay for that. You can also get the advantage of a Blue Check subscription like – 50% less advertisement to see, Rocket to the top of replies, mentions, and search, get early access to new features of Twitter.

Blue subscribers with a verified phone number will get a blue checkmark once approved. If we talk about the yearly plan you have to pay 6800 which is 566 monthly and if you go for the monthly plan it costs 650 rupees which is 7800 yearly. that means you are getting a 12% discount on the yearly plan.

Soon this feature will available on other platforms too so users can also get the benefit of it just by early access, Facebook will soon announce to launch of this feature because there is a large no of users who are using Facebook and Instagram.

Benefits of Blue Check Subscription

Twitter Blue Check Subscription
  • Get Early access to new features easily – Get early access to select new features with Twitter Blue Labs.
  • Longer Tweets – Creates Tweets, replies, and Quotes up to 4,000 characters long.
  • Edit a Tweet up to 5 times within 30 minutes.
  • NFT Profile Pictures – Show your personal flair and set your profile picture to an NFT you own.
  • Share your favorite moments with 1080p (Full HD) video.
  • See half the ads – See 50% fewer ads in the home timeline.
  • Rocket to the top of replies, mentions, and searches – Tweets from verified users will be prioritized — helping to fight scams and spam.
  • Post longer videos – You’ll finally be able to post longer videos to Twitter.

How to Enable Twitter Blue Check Subscription

  • Go to Home Screen and you will find Twitter Blue Option on the left side
  • Click on it and you will find – yearly and monthly subscription plans
  • choose whenever you want and click on that, pay the amount through Credit, debit card
  • Soon you get a blue check for your Twitter profile

Disadvantage of Twitter Blue Check Subscription

This feature is good for you but somehow it’s also not good for those who don’t know much about this feature, because there are many scammers who can use this feature to influence people in the wrong way.

A few years back one of the duplicate profiles of a famous company get a blue check on Twitter and post something wrong about the company and the result is company shares will down for over an hour soon real company announced the fake account so if anyone can blue check there must be more verification methods so scammers don’t harm anyone.

Other platforms like Facebook and Instagram soon launch this feature on their social media platforms so you can also get the advantage of this feature there too.

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Is Twitter Blue Check Subscription free?

Twitter Blue Check Subscription is paid subscription, you have to pay for this. there are two plans which are yearly and monthly.

How to pay for Twitter Subscription?

you can pay for subscriptions easily through credit and debit cards.

Is the blue check Subscription option available on other apps?

Currently, this option is available on Twitter and soon Facebook and Instagram

how much does Twitter charge for the blue check option?

there are two plans which are monthly and yearly, for the monthly plan you have to pay 650 rupees which is 7800 yearly, If we talk about the yearly plan you have to pay 6800 which is 566 monthly.