Best way to use Boat Filter or Boat template for Instagram reels – 100% working

Boat filter template

Many of us want to know how to get a boat filter or boat template for making Instagram reels or TikTok videos but are not able to find it so don’t worry we will help you with this.

You can use Filter to make memes or for getting views easily, currently, it’s available in the Tiktok app and you can use it through the cap cut mobile app which is the best app for mobile editing.

You can use it just by following a few steps so it will be easier for you. Today we will discuss how you can use a boat filter or boat template for your reels or videos.

Step for using Boat Filter or Boat template for Instagram reels

Boat Filter or Boat template

First, you have to open tiktok app and search for the filter and then click on use template via cap cut and add your photo so it will replace the other photo.

If your country does not support tiktok then you have to use a VPN app for using it. we will provide the link which you can click and then use through the cap cut app.

Once you connect to the VPN network download the Cap cut app, go back, and click on this link you will find the template which redirects you to the cap cut app where you can replace the person save the video, and use it as the reel.

Blank Template

Here we also provide a blank template which you can download and use through cap cut just by adding the media and removing the background of the person so you either use it this way.