Mr. Indian Hacker Made World’s Coldest Room From Ice, Now the Video went Viral

Mr. Indian Hacker

Recently Mr. Indian Hacker uploaded one video on youtube in which he made the world’s coldest room from the large ice cubes with the help of his titanium army.

Now the video went viral all over youtube and people really enjoying the video. In this video, he makes one room full of ice and goes there and stays for a minute but the temperature of the room is very low so he went outside and describes how much the room is cold.

After a few hours, they destroy the room with a few tiger bombs and celebrate the moment that they create. The room also looked so cold and I think no one can stay there for a minute because of the temperature of the room.

Mr. Indian Hacker is famous for there experiments and he loves exploring new things and his knowledge about science is really awesome that’s why he knows lots of things.

Disclaimer – Don’t try this kind of experiment because they are done under experts’ suggestions and have a proper team for the backup.