Harsh Beniwal New Youtube Video “Daaru with Dad 3” Ranking Number 1 on Youtube Trending Page

Harsh Beniwal New Youtube Video

As we all know Harsh Beniwal is a comedian who makes comedy videos, recently his new video Daaru with Dad 3 comes on a youtube trending page at number one, and people love the content of that video.

Earlier Harsh posts Daru with dad 1 and Daru with dad 2 and both also became the most popular youtube comedy videos and now third part of that video was released on youtube and now become the most trending video of youtube.

The cast of Harsh Beniwal “Daaru with Dad 3”

Harsh Beniwal playing Role of Dad

Purav jha playing Role of Dad

Gaurav arora playing Role of Chaddha Ji

Hinisha Chauhan playing Role of Billo

Akriti bajpai playing Role of Student

Meghana yadav playing Role of student

Mohit Chhikara playing Role of Police

Shivam bajpai playing Role of Hawaldar

Aniket Gagan Playing role of Bouncer

Amit om malik Playing role of Bouncer

Harsh Beniwal “Daaru with Dad 3” Director name and other Artist

Director: Harsh Beniwal

Written by: Shivam Bajpai, Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha

Chief AD: Akriti Bajpai 1st AD : Anmol prasher 2nd AD: Amit Om Malik 3rd AD: Hrijul Tandon

Dop: Priyanshu Vats 2nd Dop: Chandan singh Assistant Dop: Karan veer

Camera attendant: Sonu

Lightman :Dharmpal, Mahendar

Light and equipment by : Lovey khan

Edited by: Anmol Prasher, Harsh Beniwal

Background Music: Harsh Beniwal

Music by: Rohit Raja

Singers: Harsh Beniwal, Purav Jha

Lyrics: Harsh Beniwal, Shivam bajpai

Color grading: Anmol

Art Director: Meghana Yadav

Executive Producer: Mohit Chhikara Line

Production : Gagan, Aniket

Thumbnail: Vishal Rana (Pheonix)

Makeup By : Vinod, Lalit, Virend

Sound by : Pravesh Spot : Vishal, Dinesh

VFX by :Vfxguyshrinay

Artist by : Yash films