How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA for Free & with Subscription

How to Watch RCB vs MI Live Match for FREE

How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA for Free – If you are living in the USA and want to watch Tata IPL for free then it will now be easy for you.

Are you a cricket lover too? You also like to watch cricket. Then you will definitely like IPL too. For cricket lovers, IPL is no less than a festival.

Today we suggest you few ideas for how to watch IPL 2022 in USA for Free so you can easily Watch IPL, because from March 26 IPL going to start and we all are excited about it.

According to the information from some source, Hotstar service is now discontinued in the USA and now its Merged with Disney Bundle and the sports content is switched to ESPN plus

ESPN Plus Bundle Include IPL T20 so it is easy for you to watch IPL from the USA now but for watching ESPN you have to take a monthly Subscription.

You can also watch IPL on the TV because many sports channels also Broadcast Popular Sports on the Tv and another alternative is Radio. Install and Radio App in your Mobile and you can find IPL on AIR.

How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA for Free

How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA – there are multiple ways that you can watch IPL for free from the USA if you are using a VPN service you have to select India Server so you can watch it from the USA or just Install any VPN network from the PLAY store or App store which is free.

Disney+ HotstarFree & Paid
Airtel XstreamFree & Paid
Jio TVFree & Paid
YUPP TVFree & Paid
OREO TVFree & Paid
Thop TVFree & Paid
Live TVPaid

How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA

If we talk about Disney Hotstar or Airtel Xstream it will provide a free subscription with recharge and there are other TV channels like THOP tv and OREO where you can watch it for free but we don’t encourage any freeway.

There is Various youtube Channel that also Does live commentatory on their channel so you can also enjoy that.

Another option is to find any website which provides Online Streaming for free but for it, you have to do proper research because Free things also demand your time.

Paid Way for Watching IPL 2022 in USA – Disney Bundle / ESPN Plus Cost

How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA –

ProductCurrent Price
ESPN+ Monthly Subscription$6.99/mo (Simultaneous Supported 3 Devices)
ESPN+ Annual Subscription$69.99/yr
The Disney Bundle w/ Hulu Ad-Supported$13.99/mo
The Disney Bundle w/ Hulu No-Ads$19.99/mo
PPV Standalone$74.99 each
PPV Package (PPV & ESPN+ Annual)$99.98, then $69.99/year after the first year
PPV & The Disney Bundle$88.98, then $13.99/mo

ESPN Plus is the Best Paid platform for watching IPL and other sports and its have various plans, Choose whichever is best for you according to your needs.

The company, which has over 174 million subscribers between Disney+, ESPN+, Hulu, and Hotstar, is now looking to combine all its content into a single package.

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IPL 2022 Complete schedule

So if we Talk About Match Schedule here it is so you can watch your favorite Team match and apart from this there are Two New Teams that are Lucknow Super Giants and Gujarat Titans

S.No.DateMatch DetailsVenueTime
1March 26, 2022CSK vs KKRWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
2March 27, 2022DC vs MIBrabourne – CCI3:30 PM
3March 27, 2022PBKS vs RCBDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
4March 28, 2022GT vs LSGWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
5March 29, 2022SRH vs RRMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
6March 30, 2022RCB vs KKRDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
7March 31, 2022LSG vs CSKBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
8April 1, 2022KKR vs PBKSWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
9April 2, 2022MI vs RRDY Patil Stadium3:30 PM
10April 2, 2022GT vs DCMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
11April 3, 2022CSK vs PBKSBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
12April 4, 2022SRH vs LSGDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
13April 5, 2022RR vs RCBWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
14April 6, 2022KKR vs MIMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
15April 7, 2022LSG vs DCDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
16April 8, 2022PBKS vs GTBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
17April 9, 2022CSK vs SRHDY Patil Stadium3:30 PM
18April 9, 2022RCB vs MIMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
19April 10, 2022KKR vs DCBrabourne – CCI3:30 PM
20April 10, 2022RR vs LSGWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
21April 11, 2022SRH vs GTDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
22April 12, 2022CSK vs RCBDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
23April 13, 2022MI vs PBKSMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
24April 14, 2022RR vs GTDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
25April 15, 2022SRH vs KKRBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
26April 16, 2022MI vs LSGBrabourne – CCI3:30 PM
27April 16, 2022DC vs RCBWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
28April 17, 2022PBKS vs SRHBrabourne – CCI3:30 PM
29April 17, 2022GT vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
30April 18, 2022RR vs KKRBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
31April 19, 2022LSG vs RCBDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
32April 20, 2022DC vs PBKSMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
33April 21, 2022MI vs CSKDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
34April 22, 2022DC vs RRMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
35April 23, 2022KKR vs GJDY Patil Stadium3:30 PM
36April 23, 2022RCB vs SRHBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
37April 24, 2022LSG vs MIWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
38April 25, 2022PBKS vs CSKWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
39April 26, 2022RCB vs RRMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
40April 27, 2022GT vs SRHWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
41April 28, 2022DC vs KKRWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
42April 29, 2022PBKS vs LSGMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
43April 30, 2022GT vs RCBBrabourne – CCI3:30 PM
44April 30, 2022RR vs MIDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
45May 1, 2022DC vs LSGWankhede Stadium3:30 PM
46May 1, 2022SRH vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
47May 2, 2022KKR vs RRWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
48May 3, 2022GT vs PBKSDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
49May 4, 2022RCB vs CSKMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
50May 5, 2022DC vs SRHBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
51May 6, 2022GT vs MIBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
52May 7, 2022PBKS vs RRWankhede Stadium3:30 PM
53May 7, 2022LSG vs KKRMCA Stadium, Pune3:30 PM
54May 8, 2022SRH vs RCBWankhede Stadium3:30 PM
55May 8, 2022CSK vs DCDY Patil Stadium3:30 PM
56May 9, 2022MI vs KKRDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
57May 10, 2022LSG vs GTMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
58May 11, 2022RR vs DCDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
59May 12, 2022CSK vs MIWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
60May 13, 2022RCB vs PBKSBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
61May 14, 2022KKR vs SRHMCA Stadium, Pune7:30 PM
62May 15, 2022CSK vs GTWankhede Stadium3:30 PM
63May 15, 2022LSG vs RRBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
64May 16, 2022PBKS vs DCDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
65May 17, 2022MI vs SRHWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
66May 18, 2022KKR vs LSGDY Patil Stadium7:30 PM
67May 19, 2022RCB vs GTWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
68May 20, 2022RR vs CSKBrabourne – CCI7:30 PM
69May 21, 2022MI vs DCWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
70May 22, 2022SRH vs PBKSWankhede Stadium7:30 PM
71TBDQUALIFIER 1Ahmedabad7:30 PM
73TBDQUALIFIER 2Ahmedabad7:30 PM
74May 29, 2022FINALAhmedabad7:30 PM

Hope now you know that How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA with free and paid both option and How to Watch IPL 2022 in USA is not much difficult if you follow al the steps.