How to Play Dream 11 for beginners and Earn Money

How to Play Dream 11 for beginners
How to Play Dream 11 for beginners

How to play dream 11

How to play dream 11 – Dream 11 is a type of fantasy game in which you can create a team of real players, and you can easily play matches to earn prizes

They host various types of matches for different kinds of sports, you can easily select any sport in the application and play the game, and you can earn fantastic prices.

Steps to play dream 11

How to Play Dream 11 for beginners

Below given are the steps that can guide you to play the dream 11 game:-

Match starting-

you can find various kinds of matches for different sports. You have to click any active match and play the game.

Make your team-

there will be a certain amount of budget given to you, and in that budget, only you have to use your knowledge to make the team.

You have to keep in mind that you can only join and create that kind of match in which there is a requirement of 11 teams for every match. You can make up to 20 teams, making different combinations to win.


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Join the contests-

there are different formats available in dream 11 that you can join, choose between paid or free contests, and even create your contests.

Match following-

after the match has started, you can follow the leader board to check how your team is performing, and the most important thing, you can even chat in real-time.

Withdraw your amount-

after the match has been handed over, you can withdraw your amount if your team has worn it, and the money will be transferred to your bank account; through the bank account, you can easily withdraw the money in the form of cash.

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Dream 11 is a type of fantasy application related to sports in which you can easily create your team or join any team, and you can earn various amounts of money.

You can make up to 20 teams in dream 11, and you can enter various contests to earn exciting prizes.

If you want any match, the money will be directly transferred to your bank account, and after that, you can easily withdraw the money and enjoy it.

Frequently asked questions ( FAQs )

What do you mean by credits?

Credit refers to the amount of an individual player. Famous players will have more credits, and the players who are not famous will have low credits

What is meant by the term fantasy points?

Fantasy points are earned in the app only by a real player, and it is decided according to their performance in the match. If a player performs well in a match, he will get more fantasy points, and if a player performs poorly, they will get low fantasy points.

Is it possible to edit your team after you have created one?

You can edit your team as many times you want before the match, but it is impossible to edit your team afterward if the match is started.

What is the total number of teams I can create?

You can create up to 20 teams.