Ashneer Grover Net Worth,Education, Family | Co-Founder of Bharatpe

Ashneer Grover Net Worth

Ashneer Grover Net Worth – Have you ever done any online payments? I know It’s a silly question because now people take online payment as the first option other than cash.

In this article, we got to know about a person who is co-founder and managing director of an amazing online platform known as Bharatpe and Ashneer Grover net worth is 21,300crores

The Valuation of Bharatpe is around $2.5billion and it became a unicorn startup in August. Bharatpe was founded in 2018 and was founded by none other than a judge of a famous TV reality show (Shark Tank India) Mr. Ashneer Grover.

Shark Tank India is a platform or a TV reality show where men or women come in the hope of investment for their business.  They have to pitch their ideas in front of judges, if they can impress judges based on their ideas, then they get the investment. 

Among all the judges Ashneer Grover is known for being raw and straightforward in life and business ventures.

 About Ashneer Grover 

Ashneer Grover Net Worth
Full Name Ashneer Grover 
Date of Birth  14 June 1982 
Age 39 years (2021)
Birthplace Delhi, India 
Known for Judge of Shark Tank India, Co-founder and managing director of Bharat pay 
Education MBA, B-tech 
College Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Home town Delhi, India
Eye color Black 
Hair color White and black 
Weight 80kg 
Height5feet 6inches 
Marital status Married 
Spouse Madhuri Jain Grover 
Kids 2

Ashneer Grover wife and Early life 

Ashneer Grover was born on 14 June 1982 in Delhi. His father is a chartered accountant and his mother is a teacher. Ashneer Grover belonged to a well-educated and rich background.

His wife’s name is Madhuri Jain Grover, he also has two kids Avi Grover and Mannat Grover.

Because of his background, Ashneer Grover never faces any kind of problem related to finance.

Ashneer Grover Education 

Ashneer Grover had completed B tech in civil engineering from Delhi IIT. He also went to France for a 1year study at INSA-Lyon University. 

In IIT Delhi 6 students are used for the exchange program and Kashmir Grover is one of them.

After completing the exchange program, he got an opportunity to work in a multiNational Corporation which brought him to IIM Ahmedabad. 

In 2006, he completed an MBA degree.

Ashneer Grover Career

Ashneer Grover Net Worth

In his first job, he worked for seven years as vice president in the Kotak investment banking sector.

In 2013 Ashneer Grover worked as a director of the corporate development Sector, in American Express. During MBA it was his dream job but he also wants to join a startup to learn how systems process automatically.

For this, he decided to join growers but unfortunately this time his parents did not agree with his decision because of the uncertainty of his job. At that time Ashneer Grover trusts his abilities and his wife also has faith in him. He joined grofers as a financial officer and in 2015 Ashneer Grover became a member of the Core Team in grofers.

Bharatpe journey

When he joined grofers, he was clear about his goal, he wanted to start his startup. With goals in his mind, he worked very hard in grofers and gave his best. In Grofers, he got a chance to meet investors of different companies which came as a great fortune for his startup.

After investing some years in grofers finally, he decided to leave this company for his startup. When he shared this news with his family again they were not in his support, but he knew his capabilities and never compromised his dreams, and started working for their own company.

In November 2017 Ashneer Grover joined PC Jewellers Limited, he helped a lot of PC Jewellers in developing new strategies related to payments and Finance.

During the development of strategy, Ashneer Grover got an idea of Bharatpe. This idea influenced him a lot and then he decided to leave PC Jewellers and finally start work on Bharatpe for full time.

In starting one thing which is common and he knew is a risk because he also has to leave his job but still, he decided not to compromise and start work towards his goal.

When Ashneer Grover finally start his Bharatpe, that time was hard for him because he was unable to give salaries to his workers. 

After the seed funding round, he wants someone who can help him.  At that time in 2019, Madhuri Grover decided to join Bharatpe and handled some major areas like banking HR, and Finance control.

That time was hard for both of them but because of dedication, hard work, and faith, they both finally achieved a milestone success in less than one year.

In October 2018 he launched Bharatpe with 20 workers and then in less than one year 500 sales workers started working for him.

Successfully he established Bharatpe more than 35 different states like Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi.

FAQ( Frequently asked questions)

Who is the richest entrepreneur in Shark Tank?

Ashneer Grover is the richest entrepreneur among all the entrepreneurs in Shark Tank. Ashneer Grover net worth is 21,300crores. He is Co- and managing director of Bharat pay.

How much does Ashneer Grover get paid for Shark Tank?

As Ashneer Grover is one of the richest Sharks among all the sharks in the Shark Tank. In the episode, he shared that he had to specially come from Delhi to Mumbai for the episodes. According to the recent news, he charged 10 lacs per episode.

Where does Ashneer Grover live?

Ashneer Grover is one of the entrepreneurs who wants his personal life private. He never shares where he lifts or where he goes. According to the reports, he lives in South Delhi, with his family.

What are Ashneer Grover hobbies?

Ashneer Grover loves reading books, but he is also a huge car lover, in the episode he shared in the episode. In Delhi, he loves long drives at night with his favorite cars.