Why Instagram not working, Whatsapp and Facebook also not working.

why instagram not working

Many people want to know that why Instagram not working and also many other apps like WhatsApp, Facebook also not working as well.

We are all in the tech era and using social media is part of our life, 3 major platforms of social media are not working well but don’t worry we will tell you the reason for it and also suggest you few alternatives to these apps so it can helpful for you.

Reason Why Instagram not working today

There are few technical errors on the server that may cause trouble accessing Instagram and other app, Facebook and Instagram tweet that they are working on it so things are back to normal quickly as possible.

Why Instagram not working

People nowadays are using social media for many purposes now that why its also affect business too.

A few years ago if it happened then rarely people would react to it but in today’s time as 4G becomes cheaper and technology comes to every home it is not easy to ignore this.

A few months ago it also happened and this time too that’s why people asking why Instagram not working but due to high traffic or because of Maintainance work maybe it causes the server down.

Why Instagram not working

But don’t worry today we will suggest you few alternatives which you can use when it happens in the future.

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Alternative of Instagram, Facebook and whatsapp

There are few apps that are a good alternative of Instagram and Facebook where you also enjoy your time and share things with people.

There are a few apps that you can use instead of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp which are as follow-


Snapchat is popular app amongst the teenager so if you are using Instagram then you can also use Snapchat too when it happens, so you can easily enjoy your time without any hassle. You can download it from the app store and play store.


If you are a Facebook user you can use Twitter instead of Facebook when the server does not respond, you can also run ads on Twitter for your business and you can also find much-trending news here before any news channel public in their article.

An amazing fact is that Facebook and Instagram also using this app right now for giving the server down information to their user right now.


Telegram is the best alternative to WhatsApp and many organizations using it for their official work because its easier to share files with the user.

In WhatsApp, you can only send 30 photos at a single time but in telegram, you can send more than 100 photos easily, and also you can share the large files in telegram.

Soon telegram will launch a story feature too which is also helpful for a telegram to get more downloads for their app.

You can also use Linkedin if you are looking for a good platform that can help you to grow because nowadays many freelancers using LinkedIn to get more clients easily.

Memes trending on this topic

Many memes maker making memes on this topic and sharing on Twitter, telegram with their friends right now. Here is few of them-

Why Instagram not working
Why Instagram not working
Why Instagram not working