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Damon Salvatore
Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore may be a fictitious character In L. J. Smith’s novel series The Vampire Diaries. he’s portrayed by Ian Somerhalder within the television series. Damon is that one of the most protagonists alongside Stefan Salvatore, especially within the story’s main setting, Mystic Falls.

He is a part of a love triangle between his brother Stefan (Paul Wesley) and a female vampire named Katherine Pierce (Nina Dobrev) whom they were both compelled to like once they were still human. A century after Damon and Stefan leave Mystic Falls, they both return and meet Elena Gilbert (also Nina Dobrev), a mortal who looks exactly like Katherine. Damon wants to ‘win’ Elena far away from Stefan, but she chooses Stefan over Damon, then Elena later breaks up with Stefan after she develops feelings for Damon.

Damon Salvatore

Damon Salvatore is one of the 2 main male protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. Damon was a 178-year-old vampire and distant descendant of Silas. Since his younger brother, Stefan Salvatore, injected him with the Cure, he is now human. He was a serious antagonist within the first part of Season One. He was born during the 1800s and lived within the colonial town of Mystic Falls together with his brother Stefan, his father, Giuseppe Salvatore, and also together with his mother Lillian Salvatore until her death in 1858. He became a vampire in 1864. At the time of his return to Mystic Falls, Damon and Stefan hadn’t seen one another in fifteen years thanks to their bitter and violent relationship.

Why do people like Damon Salvatore?

Damon Salvatore’s character is sketched in a way that grows slowly on you and once it grows there is no going back. He is one of the most craftily written characters on screen.

Damon when enters the series in the pilot episode we are already introduced to the sad world of Elena and how Damon’s baby brother an extremely kind-hearted vampire, Stefan is making it worthwhile. He is a perfect guy for the over compassionate Elina and frankly, Damon is only to ruin it and acts as a perfect villain in the beginning. He is a true bad boy with extremely good looks and remarkable intelligence who kills out of boredom and doesn’t even show the slightest remorse for doing that.

Damon Salvatore

What starts growing on the viewers is when such a horrible character starts showing care towards Elina and Stefan. Damon Salvatore is not so good to care for everyone but just good enough for people in his life who matter. He is selfish but doesn’t hide it and his unusual humor just makes him fun like hell. Damon Salvatore makes a strong friendship with Ric and did everything to keep Elinas family and friends safe.

Stefan is the nicest thing that could have happened to Elina, still, benevolent her couldn’t help but keep falling for cruel Damon. Damon Salvatore has a similar impact on viewers too and I am sure its not only because of the good looks of Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon. The sparks of goodness in a bad person always impact more than a ton of goodness from a good person and therefore whatever Damon Salvatore does magnify for Elina and the viewers alike.

Who can love like Damon Salvatore is what you feel whenever you see those green eyes looking at Elina or that one tear which falls off his eyes when he confesses his love for her then makes her forget it?

You simply feel good when Elina responds to him and their kiss scenes carried so much warmth which with Stefan looked so boring. Damons love has been nurtured as one-sided for the entire three seasons before Elina finally choosing him so how can Stefan compete in this category with love at first sight.

Damon Salvatore’s love towards his brother Stefan also is visible throughout the series and despite hating each other their bond is shown to be the strongest. Both brothers are shown to give up anything including their common love interest Elina when it comes to saving each other.

So when Damon Salvatore is unpredictable, ruthless, remorseless, Damon Salvatore also is caring, love-struck, and selfless, and not to forget a fun ride with humor to make you feel happy and alive.

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What is Damon Salvatore’s personality?

Damon’s physical personality is the same in the show as well as in the book. He is very elaborately explained in the book and for the show, they found an exact replica in Ian Somerhalder.

The book describes Damon as physically very attractive. Damon has perfect, facial features: remarkably high cheekbones and a masculine jawline and chin. Due to his being an immortal vampire, he has a pale, smooth, and flawless complexion.

Though his hair is less thick and luxurious than Stefan’s, Damon’s hair was still a marvel to behold: a dark, thick, straight, jet-black shock that fell and curtained over his forehead, and its texture was described as soft, refined, yet luxurious in its own right. His eyes are pitch-black in color and had been frequently described to be the color of a blackbird, or a crow, or the midnight sky.

Damon Salvatore

He had a flair for expensive items and wore pricey clothes and drank expensive alcohol. While Stefan’s handsomeness has a pure, innocent, and overall haunting quality, Damon’s beauty is darkly sensual, lustful, and even seductive.

He also has a compelling aura and an intimidating demeanor, all of which he is perfectly aware of, and he knew exactly how to utilize all of them to lure the opposite sex to him like moths to a flame.

His sense of style and fashion is as dark and dramatic as his looks, but still masculine and sophisticated. All his clothes were in prominent black, blue, and brown colors, and high boots and leather jackets were his signature style.

He was also physically very powerful and one of the few most powerful vampires on earth as per the book. However, they have changed this in the series and so many older vampires are shown to be stronger than him.

Though his handsomeness and his charms had given him a huge ego as well as a constant ongoing tendency to be proud and vain, even Elena once marveled in the book at how beautiful he was, and observed that “handsome” was too weak and colorless a word to describe him.

Damon Salvatore

In terms of physique, Damon has a strong, angular, and masculine bone structure: though he is not tall (he is shorter than Stefan), Damon’s built is strong and powerful, with broad shoulders and hard lithe muscles in his arms and chest.

Moving on to other personality traits, Damon is both sweet and salty which keeps changing according to situations. He cannot be put in any one category of good or bad. He can be both but never none, he is not a spectator and tackles situations being in the front.

He can be vile, vain as well super witty all in one time. He has a mysterious dark aura which sometimes surprises, sometimes shocks. He is the eternal stud but his love is so deep for Elena that it shows in the air.