YouTube Create App: YouTube’s Video Editor With Awesome Ai Features (2023)

YouTube Create App
YouTube Create App
YouTube Create App

YouTube Create App: Friends, YouTube, Which Is A Video Streaming Platform As Well As The Second Largest Search Engine In The World. YouTube has Now Launched Its Own Video Editor, If You Are A Video Editor Or Social Media Influencer Or Digital Creator And of short Videos Or Long Videos, Then You Can Use It On YouTube or Any Social Media Platform. For This, You Can Edit Your Short Videos And Long Videos With This Video Editor Of Youtube “Youtube Create App”.

Inside YouTube Create, You Get To See Many New Features, Effects, Overlays, Sound Effects, Video Effects, And Many More Tools that are Useful For A Video Editor In Editing Videos.

Friends, YouTube says That To Create YouTube Create, They Took Feedback From More Than 3000 Creators As To Which Features Should Be Added Inside the YouTube Create App, After This App Has Been Designed.

Youtube Has Created a Youtube Create App So That It Is Very Easy For The Creators Who Produce Videos To Edit It, Whether They Edit Short Videos Or Long Videos, And In The Coming Time, Youtube Will Add More Features Inside This YouTube Create App. Many New Features Are Going To Be Added And Along With This, AI tools Will Also Be Added So That Video Editing Can Be Made Even More simpler and Easy.

So Friends, Let Us Know About The Fun And Useful Features Of Youtube Create App. YouTube Create App Features 2023

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Useful Features Of YouTube Create App

Friends, YouTube has Just Launched a YouTube Create App With Many Features, In Which You Will Get The Basic Features Of A Simple Video Editor You Can Split The Video and add Transitions and effects In The Video. You Can Add Text And Sound To The Video.

Apart From All These Features, YouTube has Added Some More New Features In the YouTube Create App, Which We Have Mentioned Below In The Coming Time, YouTube is Also To Add AI tools Features In This App. In Which You Can Generate Background Images With AI within YouTube Create.

#1. Generate Auto Captions

Friends, When You Edit A Video, Whether You Are Editing A Long Video Or A Short Video, When You Write Captions Video, A Lot of Time Gets Wasted YouTube Create With This New Auto Captions Feature Of The App, You Can Generate Captions For Your Videos In A Minute.

Right Now This App Is New, so you Can Generate Captions Only In Hindi, English And Spanish, You Just Have To Open The Video In A New Project Go To The Auto Caption Option And Select Audio Or Video. You Have To Generate Auto Captions And Captions For Your Video Will Be Automatically Generated Easily.

#2. Add Music From the YouTube Music Library

When You Edit A Video, You Have To Add Background Music To The Video And A Good And Video Related Background Music Makes The Video More Engaging. So When You Edit The Video Inside YouTube Create App, You Can Now Easily Import Any Background Music From YouTube music Library And Add It To Any Video, And Edit Your Video Well.

#3. New Transitions

Friends, You Get New Transitions To Apply In Your Videos Inside YouTube Create App. With These Transitions, You Can Make Your Videos Engaging And By Editing A Good Video You Can Also Make The Video Viral, So Install The App And Add These Transitions. Do Try Using It.

#4. Sound Effects

Sound Effects Play A Very Big Role In Editing A Video. If You Use Sound Effects As Per The Video And Transition In The Video, Then You Can Create And Edit A Viral Video, Then You Will Get Many New Features Inside This App. New Sound Effects Are Available And You Can Also Download Sound Effects Directly From Youtube Music Library And Use Them While Editing Your Videos.

#5. Video Effects

Inside YouTube Create App, You Will Get Many Effects For Videos You Can Easily Remove The Background Of Any Person And Can Create A Portrait Of Anyone. You Can Use New Filters Inside Your Video, You Can Also Add Blur, Shake Effects Or Many Other Effects Inside The Video.

Along With Resizing And Cropping The Video, You Can Do Many Other Things In The Video Effect.

#6. Audio Cleanup

Friends, If You Have Not Yet Installed YouTube Create App, Then Do It Now Because This Is A Feature Which We Have Seen Most Unique In This App And This Feature Will Prove To Be Very Useful For A Video Editor.

When You Record Your Videos And You Do Not Have An Expensive Mic, Your Voice Is Not Clear Or There Is Too Much Background Noise In Your Voice, Then You Can Remove The Audio From Your Video With The Help Of This Audio Cleanup Feature Of YouTube Create App. You Can Easily Remove The Background Music. You Just Have To Click On This Option And Your Audio Will Become Completely Clear And The Background Music Will Also Be Removed From Your Audio.