Who will play Shaktimaan in Movie by Sony Pictures Film India| Shaktimaan movie star cast 2022

Who will play Shaktimaan

We all want to know Who will play Shaktimaan in a Movie by Sony Pictures Film India: New Shaktimaan Movie Star Cast


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13 September 1997 was the day when Shaktimaan TV serial started coming on DD National for the first time. Even after this, Shaktimaan achieved so much achievement and fame that all the children who were born in the 1990s fell in love with Shaktimaan. And everyone started roaming like Shaktimaan.

Mukesh Khanna was the most famous superhero among children. But today our superheroes have become very old. But Shaktimaan’s love and affection for Shaktimaan among the children has not diminished at all. Because of this, Sony Pictures Entertainment has thought of bringing Shaktimaan back again. Do you know that the last episode of Shaktimaan came in 2005 and since then till date, no new serial, episode, or film of Shaktimaan has come?

Who will play Shaktimaan

But today Sony Pictures Film India has started this campaign. And talking about Who will play Shaktimaan, it had started from the year 2018, but due to some reasons, the star cast of this powerful movie has not come out yet. But today we will tell you the possible star cast of Shaktimaan movie.

So let’s start- Who will play Shaktimaan

Who will play Shaktimaan in Movie by Sony Pictures

Who will play Shaktimaan

Shaktimaan Movie will be brought soon by Sony Pictures Film India Entertainment. For this, the hard work of The Brewing Thoughts, Vivek Krishnani, Lada Singh, Prashant Singh, Madhurya Vinay, Mukesh Khanna, Bheeshm International, and Sony Pictures Films India has all come together. And in 2018 it was speculated that India’s rising superstar Ranbir Singh would play the role of Shaktimaan.

But nothing concrete is being said about it yet. But we will tell you the names of some possible actors about these who can play the role of Shaktimaan in the movie Shaktimaan.


Who will play the character of Shaktimaan?

These 5 Starcast for Shaktiman can play the role for this Shaktiman character-

Vidhyut Jamwal

Vidyut Jammwal is one such actor who is a very capable actor to play the character of Shaktimaan. Their physical speed, physique, strength, and their fighting skills themselves make them worth it. Apart from this, his acting stamina is also very good. Vidyut Jammwal can be a good choice for the character of Shaktimaan.

John Abraham

John Abraham looks like a superhero in sight. His physical structure looks so strong and attractive that he can play a good character even in the character of any superhero. That is why he is a great choice for the character of Shaktimaan.

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is considered a superhero in his own right. He is best in appearance, the most attractive & handsome & great actor. His acting, his body, his muscles, and the magic of his eyes can be included in the imagination of any superhero. That’s why Hrithik Roshan is also the best choice for the character of a Shaktimaan.

Prateek Gandhi

You must be thinking that this copy of Gandhi, who was seen in the web series of Harshad Mehta’s biopic i.e. “Scam 1992”, really don’t look alike a superhero but Prateek Gandhi is a great actor in his own right, and thinking out-of-the-box, it appears that Prateek Gandhi can also play the role of Shaktimaan.

Kicha Sudeep

Kicha Sudeep is a very big actor in the Telugu film industry, also seen as a villain in the film Makkhi, and apart from this, he has worked in at least more than 100 films so far. And his acting and his personality can prove his capability to be a good choice for the character of Shaktimaan.


In today’s article, we learned about Who will play Shaktimaan, and we also got information about the Shaktimaan star cast. And we also get to know about the possible actors as its leading actors. We hope that you enjoyed today’s article very much.

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