We all want to know Who will play Shaktimaan in a Movie by Sony Pictures Film India: New Shaktimaan Movie Star Cast

13 September 1997 was the day when Shaktimaan TV serial started coming on DD National for the first time

Even after this, Shaktimaan achieved so much achievement and fame that all the children who were born in the 1990s fell in love with Shaktimaan

Mukesh Khanna was the most famous superhero among children. But today our superheroes have become very old.

Do you know that the last episode of Shaktimaan came in 2005 and since then till date, no new serial, episode, or film of Shaktimaan has come

But today Sony Pictures Film India has started this campaign.

in 2018 it was speculated that India’s rising superstar Ranbir Singh would play the role of Shaktimaan

But nothing concrete is being said about it yet. But we will tell you the names of some possible actors about these who can play the role of Shaktimaan