Xbox Series X Warzone is Getting a 120Hz Support Fix Soon

Call of Duty Warzone has had broken 120 FPS support on Xbox Series consoles for some time,

but a 120Hz fix is on the way soon according to the game’s inventors.

Warzone entered high refresh rate support when the Xbox Series consoles were released

but the feature has been broken for all players since December, leaving coming- word players stuck at 60 FPS just like everyone differently

While 60 FPS is n’t anywhere near unplayable, numerous coming- word press possessors feel cheated out of their coming- word experience

especially since the point has been impaired for several months at this point.

In a recent tweet, Warzone inventor Raven Software revealed that a 120Hz fix for Xbox Series consoles will be stationed in themid-season patch hitting the game coming week..

While it’s nice to see that Xbox Series players will eventually be suitable to enjoy high framerates in Warzone yet again after five months of silence