This Korean drama has dominated the whole world today, today Korean dramas are being released with new stories and new thought processe

today there are more than 100 such Korean dramas that have left their mark on the hearts of people all over the world.

Among them, we will give you information about the top ten Korean dramas on Netflix.

Hellbound  In this TV series, some unseen and soulful forces have been mentioned which punish some people. Those people who have committed such crimes and such attempts in their life, which cannot be forgiven

Why is it in the top 10? You must watch this web series and Korean drama, according to IMDB rating, it has got a rating of 6.7 which is an average meeting but when you see this Korean drama then you will love its VFX and film style.

Squid Game Hundreds of people are gathered in one place in this TV series. These are the people who are in great need of money. And they got to plays some children’s games in greed of 45.6 billion won (Korea’s currency).

Why is it in the top 10? Squid Games is an action drama and drama story in the mystery category. According to IMDB, this story has got a rating of 8.0 which is a very good rating, you must watch this TV Drama.