Sylvester Stallone has uncovered that while recording Rocky III with Hulk Hogan

he was left "battered and wounded" and was so damaged by what occurred

that they didn't keep the majority of the scenes they shot together in the film.

Sylvester Stallone has turned into an icon to numerous for his masculine man picture throughout the long term.

He was in the Rambo series as well as in Rocky as a fighter

In Rocky III, Hulk Hogan was purchased in to play Thunderlips, a person who was the world wrestling champion.

This is where the difficulty begins for Stallone — while shooting scenes in the ring together

Hogan let it all out and wound up harming different individuals including Stallone himself.

As per reports, three men were shipped off the clinic 

and Stallone was left "battered and wounded" in the wake of shooting the scene with Hogan.

Stallone was so damaged from this that the scenes that he shot with Hogan weren't even utilized in the film.