Google Doodle celebrates physicist Ștefania Mărăcineanu’s 140th birthday

Today’s Google Doodle helps honor and celebrate trailblazing Romanian physicist Ștefania Mărăcineanu, on what would have been her 140th birthday.

After graduating from the University of Bucharest with a degree in physical and chemical science in 1910

the young scientist taught at various high schools in the city including the Central School for Girls

While teaching, Mărăcineanu earned a scholarship from the Romanian Ministry of Science

this eventually led to a graduate research position at the Radium Institute in Paris, France

As one of the most prominent centers studying the effect of radiation and radioactivity

Ștefania Mărăcineanu worked under the tutelage of physicist Marie Curie

The young Romanian even began working on her PhD thesis on polonium, the very element that Curie had previously discovered.

A physicist in every sense of the word, Mărăcineanu even dedicated time to researching artificial rain, heading to Algeria to test her results.