Nowadays One Video and 7 photos reel are trending on Instagram and people really enjoy this reel and use the song for their video too.

So, if you want to download the song you have to download it from Instagram simply by copying the URL of the reels

and paste it to any third-party app so you can use it as a video editor.

Other option is you can save the audio of reels and simply use it directly just by adding video and photos according to the sound

but maybe it takes lots of time or maybe you can’t do it perfectly. 

So there is the best app which you can use for video editing of one video and 7 photos reel 

VN editor is the app that is best for Instagram reels and it is totally free, many creators are using this mobile app for short video editing

even if you don’t know the basics of editing you can easily do it just by using this video editor.

– First, you have to add 1 video and 7 photos to the VN editor – Add the sound that you download from the third party – Adjust the timing according to the beat of the reel – Add a few animations to the reel which can use for the reel – Adjust the filter of the video and photo according to your reel – Export the video once you did the editing and then post it

Step for One Video and 7 photos editing