New Nest Wifi will introduce Wi-Fi 6 to Google’s mesh router line

A source has shared new details about the next mesh router in the Google/Nest Wifi series,

including the introduction of Wi-Fi 6 and a return to the simplicity of the original Google Wifi.

First unveiled in 2016, the Google Wifi series is designed to make a fast and stable internet connection available throughout your home.

Under the hood, this experience is powered by mesh networking, but Google generally does a great job of making things as simple as possible to set up.

In 2019, the line was expanded to include the Nest Wifi system, which ever so slightly complicated things by having two distinct pieces of hardware.

These were the base Nest Wifi router and the Nest Wifi point, which cleverly doubled as (an excellent) Google Assistant speaker.

According to a source, the company’s next router will see a return to the unified design of the original Google Wifi

Google’s upcoming mesh router could be released in several colors, like the Nest Wifi before it.