In my earliest recollections, he appeared to be an obvious lowlife.

The main Tyson battle I watched was the 1997 match when he gnawed off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear.

The show's initial episodes reverberation the beats of his post-boxing change

It opens with Tyson, depicted with faultless precision by Rhodes, recounting to us his story from a venue stage

Over the initial four episodes we bob between his contemporary execution and flashbacks to the past

all introduced through his viewpoint, an unmistakably thoughtful outlining that features the lofty obstructions he needed to beat making a course for distinction and fortune

The series goes up against the primary powers that molded his mind and empowered his prosperity

We see that Tyson originally fostered a preference for brutality to avert the harassers singling out him in Brownsville

He has transformed himself to improve things and he likewise has quite far to go toward retribution with his past.