Kanye West's annual Balenciaga shopping expenses exceed $4 million

The majority of the money appears to have been used to purchase women's RTW woven clothing valued more than $1.1M

Well, to be fair, his ex, Kim Kardashian may be neck-in-neck with the "Good Morning" rapper

Although it's unknown how much money she actually spent this year at the upscale retailer

For Ye's part, he revealed via his Instagram Story earlier this week that he's seemingly spent upwards of $4.1M at the Balenciaga store this year alone

The father of four posted a picture of his customer profile on his Facebook

Revealing that he had spent $4,113,034 with the business over the course of his lifetime as a customer

A large portion of that money was lost in the past year alone, totaling $4,032,260 as of this writing in 2022