Jon Snow Is Back With His Own Game of Thrones Sequel Serie

If you listen closely, you can hear the crashing waves of tears from Game of Thrones fans celebrating the fact the much-maligned eighth season won't be how the series ends.

HBO is developing a spinoff sequel series based around Kit Harington's Jon Snow character

The sequel joins a bevy of live-action attempts by HBO to milk the Game of Thrones cash cow for years to come

HBO also has three animated spinoff series in the works, which Martin has publicly stated he's very much involved in.

As for Snow's return to the screen, little is known about how HBO plans to resurrect the story of a man who had already escaped death once

But, with Harington attached to return, it's time we prepare our minds, bodies, and souls for another emotional roller coaster

that only Game of Thrones and HBO can put us through.