On the night of Gloria Estefan's wedding more than four decades ago, her cocker spaniel ate her wedding dress sleeve.

This entirely true tale of matrimonial mayhem, seemingly ripped from a wedding comedy, is just one of the many reasons why the 64-year-old singer/actress is uniquely suited to star in HBO's "Father of the Bride" comedy remake. 

While George Banks (Steve Martin) dealt with his eldest daughter getting married in 1991's "Father of the Bride," the new version follows Andy Garcia's old-fashioned Cuban immigrant Billy Herrera grappling with daughter Sofia's

urprise engagement while he's on the verge of divorce with his longtime wife Ingrid (Estefan). Shockingly, Estefan's portrayal is the first leading role in her superstar career. Garcia pushed for his longtime Cuban American friend.

"I didn't have to audition or anything," says Estefan. "Andy told me that he trusted me and that the casting was a 'no-brainer.' " 

Smart move, Garcia. Here are more reasons why the Miami Sound Machine star rocks the "Father of the Bride" (now streaming).