We all love Sevengers team and their comedy video and they are always trending on youtube short

The content of sevengers is mindblowing and creative because after launching youtube shorts their channel boomed over youtube because they got reached by shorts.

Recently they reach more than 4.2 million subscribers on their youtube channel 

In today’s time, laughter is the best medicine, and the sevengers team really doing great work with their comedy video

Mr hobit aka Masterji is the first character of sevengers and we all see him in youtube shorts, people really love his acting and dedication to work.

MR Hobit plays various roles like Mulla Ji Biryani wale, All Rounder Mochi, Khanna Machinic, Imandar chor, Allrounder Medical, and many more.

He has more than 209k followers on Instagram till time and still counting.

Mr hobit is also on Mxtaka tak and people love his character of Masterji 

bunny is another character of Sevengers team and his dressing style is awesome, you always find a cap on his head in every video.

He looks like a Hiphoper but the dialogue delivery of bunny is just uncomparable and people love his acting skill.

Bunny real name is Nadeem which he mentions in his insta handle and you can also find him on Mx takatak as bunnydope

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