Cloudflare has apologized for an outage on Tuesday morning, tracing the problem to a configuration change during network upgrades.

Cloudflare is one of today's major content delivery networks (CDNs). The US firm also provides distributed denial-of-service protection to online domains, speed optimization, and various cybersecurity services.

The company accounts for millions of customers worldwide including major enterprise firms.

On Tuesday morning, a number of websites and online services suddenly went down, including Feedly, Cloudflare itself, blogs, cryptocurrency services, and more. Ironically

this also meant that down detectors -- websites used to check the status of another domain you are having trouble connecting to -- also went offline.

The outage caused widespread disruption. With the scope and scale of Cloudflare's operations,

when the firm's network goes down, the entire internet feels the impact. 

Cloudflare's service team said they were investigating "widespread issues with our services and/or network." According to the Cloudflare status page, the Cloudflare API went offline. .