Apple probably to launch new HomePod by early 2023

According to dependable force chain critic Ming-Chi Kuo, the tech whale is targeting the fourth quarter of this year or the first quarter of coming cycle for launching the coming HomePod model, 9To5mac reported.

Presumably, this will be a larger model than the HomePod mini, but one with features that help bring the cost down from$ 300 like its prototype.

Apple right now sells the$ 99 HomePod mini as the only model

The original HomePod with much more emotional sound was discontinued last cycle after a price cut from$ 349 to$ 299.

Kuo went on to say that while he views smart speakers as “ really one of the essential rudiments of the home ecosystem”

he does n’t suppose Apple has realised how to be successful in the smart speaker sphere.

The critic, lately, prognosticated that the tech mammoth is developing a new interpretation of the Apple Television set-top box with the thing of lowering the cost structure.

People are used to paying a bit more for Apple products, but there’s a weakness that makes this extra money hard to justify: the speaker’s smarts

Siri was undoubtedly impressive when it debuted in 2011 with the iPhone 4s

An intelligence upgrade for Siri could make HomePod far more appealing